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Triple Helix - The Chronicles of Enoch
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Nephilim Genotypes
The Triple Helix

In this modern world, it's all about the science, they say. The thing is that it always has been, even when they didn't know that it was called science. Just because nephilim can be explained somewhat scientifically does not mean they cannot come from the same place they did before we explored their DNA. 'Faith should never be science's competitor', a wise man once said, 'But its brother.'


There is a reason that Faith and Reason are so vehemently at war but we'll get to that later.

The scientific explanation for some nephilim abilities is not known to the world at large and it never will be. Most of what we know is due to the very diligent work of Dr. Benjamin Ataran, known jokingly to some as "Doctor Death" or "Doctor Dead-Eyes". Dr. Ataran has collected data on many of the different nephilim types on subjects both voluntary (living) and involuntary (either captured Exiles or the dead, it was the same thing in the end). He conducted genetic, physiological and, some have said, darker experiments on his subjects. It is supposed that one does not earn the moniker of "Dr. Death" for treating one's - ah - patients well.


The most important discovery was the so-called 'Golden Helix' or third DNA strand possessed by every nephilim or descendant. Dr. Ataran claims to have been told by Abaddon himself, during their many projects together, that angels were the ones who taught humans about DNA, the humans just forgot about it. If anyone was asking, a fully encarnated angel had six-stranded DNA, Abaddon had added, admitting he did not know the right word for six things together. It is sextupal, Abaddon, and probably best not to mention it to Asmodeus; he would be laughing about it for weeks. 


The Golden Helix contains base pair groupings found nowhere else on Earth yet the groupings can link and couple with regular human DNA. It has been claimed that Adam and Eve also had triple-stranded DNA, that the Golden Helix was present in them but that Noah and his family were selected because their lineage lacked it. Dr. Ataran had been - aha - dying to get Enoch, the much rumoured and literal 'Wandering Jew' into his labs to test that theory out. It is commonly known that Enoch is Noah's great-grandfather so would carry very similar DNA. Enoch has, thus far, declined Ataran's invitations it would appear. Many consider this proof that the man really is as wise as they say he is.


Essentially the 'residual corruption' of human DNA leaves a lot of inactive or so-called junk code which only activates in the presence of a Golden Helix. Introduction of the -aha - alien genetic code and structure 'switches on' the repressed host DNA so that their double helix reconfigures itself to accept, bind and form into the new triple helical structure.


To our knowledge, there are five main branches or strains of nephilim to be found in the wild, each with its own, species or specialisation, as it were. Below we will discuss the most important classes and types. 

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