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Zooanthropes (Skin-Walkers)

Zooanthropes. The history of the origins of this type of nephilim shifter is murky at best. There are rumours and stories but nobody was there to verify them, it would appear, or long dead. The most common rumour is that the giants who were exiled from Atlan copulated with animals, so great were their lusts.


Suffice it to say, a zooanthrope or skin-walker will either look like an odd blend of human and animal or appear entirely human or animal until they choose to change. Bast, the Egyptian cat-goddess was seen in both feline and human-like form. When human form, they will have something curiously 'other' about them, something which raises the hypothetical hackles.


There also some which resemble a regular animal or continue to do so for the entirety of their lives, never changing or knowing they are different. Others make their changes voluntarily or with great ceremony. You've heard of these too; were-wolves, bird-men and women, the minotaur...


They have been considered monsters, demons or even gods in ages gone by. Think about ancient Egypt; everu god was a human with the head of an animal or even vice versa. How did you think they came up with that? It can't ALL have been due to drugs, surely. 

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