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Parting the Veil

Alan J. Fisher, the man behind the Chronicles of Enoch is not exactly what many would expect him to be. Then again, who is he to presume what his fans think? 


Alan, originally from Belfast Northern Ireland, is 44 and is currently living with his wife and children between Gibraltar and nearby Spain as he desperately struggles to make a living out of this writing malarky and not spend his days assisting others to spend the vast amounts of money he secretly covets...

He has a  two daughters and three step-sons, all of whom make his familial home an interesting and rarely quiet place, he is often asked how he manages to get any wrinting done at all. A shrug and one of those indefinable smiles of his is the most likely answer you'll get to that question. Family and his writing are of near equal importance to him so neither takes precedence. 

Widely travelled; Alan has lived in various parts of North and South Ireland, England, Spain, America, and the Domican Republic. He has decided that enough is finally enough and that he and his family are staying firmly put henceforth; Spain is a lovely country to live in and he quietly hates the cold so is missing nothing of his native lands. 

The Chronicles of Enoch were, as Alan is keen to tell all and sundry, originally a joint effort between Alan and the inestimable Joe Roberts. They dreamed up the bare bones, some characters and other material during a writing exercise which saw very rough forms of Sable, Asmodeus, and Lorasta emerge. 

What followed was an unstoppable wave of writing and designing during which, Joe unfortunately chose to pursue other projects and left the enterprise entirely in Alan's hands. His part in the birth of this universe will never be forgotten! What the Chronicles have become is something Alan admits to barely having control over. In fact he states that his three-year-old daughters are easier to control and they are twins so you can only imagine.  We have the distinct feeling that he is hinting at the fact that requests to participate in the universe would not be rejected outright...

You can, of course, continue to follow Alan's rather subdued exploits on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as ever or, if you like, send us a message below. Our Privacy Policy is there for you to read if you click the relevent link. 

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