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Faceless - The Chronicles of Enoch
Night Haunt - The Chronicle of Enoch
Slender - The Chroicles of Enoch
The Unclassified

We have discussed all known classes and types of nephilim known to man and immortal so far. There are others we have all seen and, perhaps, even encountered that we know next no nothing about. Dark, fearful and silent beings we barely perceive before they are gone. Those who come at night and, we are sure, we encountered but can never know for sure. The frights, nightmares, and visions of something much darker than the reality we are used to.

Recent investigations have show that the Fallen may not be the only source of intermingling with the human genome in that manner which is so forbidden by the Creator. Rumour has come to us that Lilith, the so-called 'Queen of Heaven' or the alleged first wife of Adam, who was edited from the Bible, may have been collecting human seed for her own use. It is suspected that she has been doing this for a very long time. It is additionally speculated that creatures born of these often unwilling unions are out there. Watching. Reporting. Interfering. A baby cries at night suddenly, it may have seen one such creature. A sudden sickness which evades all medical treatment then is gone, that momentary spasm of fear which wakes you at night, that inescapable feeling of presence. We may never know.

Quite recently there has been a huge upsurge in human sightings of the so-named 'shadow-people' or 'slender-men' and this is of even greater concern to us because we had heard nothing of these beings until around 75-100 years ago. If they are nephilim, they are a class we have never before seen. If they are something else, from where do they come? We do not know but we strongly suspect they are dangerous. They are reported to be content to watch and have yet to attack human beings but for how long. Why do they watch and to whom do they report what they see?  

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