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(Nephilica Golitica)

"There were giants in those days..." one of the most enigmatic phrases in the Bible, one of the strangest and most difficult to reconcile with both what follows and everything we have been conditioned to believe. Giants cannot exist, it is impossible both scientifically and physiologically. Yes, there were big dinosaurs but they said...yes, THEY said. Haven't we established who they are already? They are the ones who know about giants first hand...


It is said that when the Fallen first began to lie with women, their angelic essence was too strong. They were still too close to Heaven, the Creator's fires burning too brightly in their flesh. Mortal flesh and womb could not contain these fires and the giants were born. Such births were usually the woman's last. Nowm accounts vary, but it is accepted that the babies started off close to normal infant size, a little larger but nothing significant. It was after birth that they changed, growing almost too quickly for people to follow, eating more than they could be brought and draining all life from their poor mother if she had survived the extremely demanding pregnancy that is. 


It is to be noted that the metabolism of giants in this stage of rapid growth was not only highly accelerated but also extremely efficient, producing almost no waste material to speak of. It was whispered that the swaddling of these babes contained nought but glittering dust in place of faeces. They took everything from their food including trace elements, minerals and other materials normally ignored or excreted by base humans. There are, of course, reasons for this.

Those giant remains which have been found (almost no living specimens remain in the world today. Most of them were killed or starved when their great biological forges could not get enough food to keep them alive) are still few and far between. Some early excavations were spied out by humans and had to be destroyed. Evidence could not be allowed to fall into their hands. The reasons for their extreme appetite and unceasing hunger are apparent when one studies their bones. By themselves, the bones of a giant would be rather valuable of course, based on the fact that they are the bones of a giant. That's not where it stops though, regardless of their scientific value, they have an intrinsic value all of their own. Under current gravitational conditions, even those of ten thousand years ago when giants were more common, ordinary bones just would not support the weight of such a creature. Key bones such as the femur and tibia are hardened and reinforced with a central matrix made of something between organic diamond and carbon fibre together with infiltrations of what could be classified as 'bio-metal'.  It has long been known for spiders and some insects to deposit metal into the tips of their fangs, exo-skeletal stress points and jaws but has never been observed in endoskeletons before.  Individual metal atoms are held in place by regular materials and somehow the overall structure is altered, making it incredibly strong and fracture resistant. It also makes them decay a lot slower than human bones. Dr. Ataran's team have posited this as one of the reasons dinosaur bones remained in place long enough to fossilise and human bones do so with extreme rarity. It is our theory that the additional minerals and substances in giant and also, we hypothesise, dinosaur bones which are responsible for this.



There are very few actual giants remaining on Earth but is our belief that some larger humans possess recessive genes from the almost extinct giant genus.

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