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The Preludes of Enoch

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Before all great concerti, there is a prelude.

Prior to all great events there is a series of seemingly lesser events which make them possible.

Behind all catastrophes there are the causes and those who brought them about; whether by negligence or design. 

Then we have Asmodeus. Unregarded, ignored, and often ridiculed but never has that bothered him too much. He has, in fact, worked extremely hard to make it that way.

Set five years before the events of Darkness Within, Book One of the Chronicles of Enoch, The Preludes tell the story of what is really going on and who it is that is really doing it.

Perhaps Lucifer does not truly know and, to be frank, it would be much better for everyone involved that he does not find out. 

If the end is truly coming, it is time to choose a side, let it be the one that is going to win. 

Chronicles of Enoch : Darkness Within


Book one of the five-part Chronicles of Enoch series of novels. 

Travel from the lost lands of earliest antiquity to modern day Atlanta, following the lives of the ordinary and not so ordinary; as well as those who will become exceptional.

Learn, as do many of them, of the world hidden within our supposedly normal world, concealed in the darkness. Every story you have ever been told, every conspiracy theory you have ever read about has its basis in truth and, as it turns out, some of them are truer than others.

A chance encounter throws the life of an young austist boy into chaos and pulls together the most unlikely alliance of beings who, in their own way, are trying to prevent the devil himself, Lucifer, from bringing about the End of Everything. 

Chronicles of Enoch : The Albuquerque Tales

Everyone has a story to tell and secrets they would rather keep that way but in war, it's a case of either trusting your comrades or dying

Set between chapters 11 & 12 of Darkness Within, The Albuquerque Tales may have borrowed their format somewhat from a masterpiece of Middle English literature. 

The members of the Wolf-Pack are on a road trip - for business and orientation of course - from Atlanta to Albuqerque and back again. At first it is boredom which makes them start to tell stories and then. on the way back, it is the sobering revelation of just how deep they have gotten themselves into a war they, perhaps, do not truly understand. 

Some of them realise that, in a war like this one, the chances are good that they will not be coming back afterwards, so it's better to trust people they would rather not in the hope that they, and through them, the stories survive. 

The stories of each member of the now infamous Wolf-Pack, told in their voice and from their perspective. 

A lot of what is to follow will make a lot more sense once you have seen what they have to tell. 

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