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Jeepie - Chronicles of Enoch
General Purpose
(Creepy Jeepies)
Night Haunt - The Chronicles of Enoch

Wild General Purpose Shifters or Creepy-Jeepies are rather rare and are not often encountered in these modern times. There are plenty of ancient myths which refer to them so either they have learned to be very careful in these current times or they are gone.


Some are still sighted here and there but these are mostly those who work directly for Lucifer and are at most second generation. It is the commonly held belief that most of the alien sightings - perhaps even some of the 'dead' aliens who appear in videos - are in fact jeepies. Lucifer's Deception Strategy deeply involves easily disprovable proof of alien life. Later disproof is then shown to be clumsy or false and of course...well you get the idea...


A jeepie can alter its form to assume any appearance it can imagine or has been shown. There are limits though, jeepies cannot assume the form of animals; their forms are limited strictly to bipedal. Nobody knows why this it but it is the commonly held idea that the reason is genetic. Many strange anthropomorphic monster myths were started when a jeepie was spotted either accidentally or intentionally.


It is also said that only another jeepie can spot one of these shifters. Jeepies will not mate with either humans or other nephilim, they have curious beliefs regarding purity.


In their 'public neutral' look, they resemble featureless human-shaped figures of around five feet in height with dull grey skin. They often lack noses and mouths, possessing only large reflective eyes and skull-like nasal slits.

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