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The Lore of the World

The world in which we now find ourselves is not really that much different to the one you may be accustomed to; not on the surface at least.  Superficially, it is the place we have always known. Of course, like that dark lake of nightmare, it is what you cannot see that is dangerous...

The world in which we find ourselves is the world of legend and conspiracy theory made truth, for a given value of 'true' at least. The further one investigates, the harder one will find it to locate that exceptionally fine line between truth, fiction, and lie. 

The Books of Enoch report precise fact. All of your human legends, myths, dark stories, urban legends, and conspiracy theories are, at the very least, based on fact. That some of those facts are lies or, at least, intentional misdirection, is academic at this time. 

Thousands of angels Fell from Heaven following a great war, a rebellion led by Lucifer against the Creator. Those fallen angels (or demons to use today's crude language) are here to this day. So are their offspring from forbidden congress with mortals; the nephilim.  The nephilim were not all giants or obvious monsters, many of them look like us, sound like us and, for the most part, behave like us but they are not. Every legend of vampires, monsters, things that caused bumps in the night...the nephilim were responsible for most of those. Lilith took care of the ones that were not.

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