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Asmodeus;  Demon of  the Deadly Sin of Lust


Short and wide of stature in his natural form, often described as a dwarf.


Lucifer's prime recruiter of young and new nephilim hybrids.


Has a weakness for women and sex though, according to many, no talent for obtaining either.


Lucifer's chief intelligence officer and head of covert operations.


Often described as either "Lucifer's hands and feet" or "the errand boy". Asmodeus is one of the most active of the Fallen, often outplaying "the game" with human beings; trying to tempt and lead them astray, a favourite sport among the Fallen.

Asmodeus is one of the popularly called "Seven Deadlies"; he embodies the deadly sin of lust and is often described as that "dirty little old man". Few of Asmodeus' mounts are small of stature and the demon himself is of average height, he believes. Maybe a little short and certainly not old in human terms...

Asmodeus of fiercely inventive and highly intelligent. His mounts are often to be found working on one of Lucifer's pet military research projects or at least have the clearance for them. He is incredibly loyal to Lucifer and idolises him. 

Many say that Asmodeus would have much more responsibility, even get promoted to a Horseman were he able to keep his 'speciality' under control. It is often observed that in the presence of beautiful women "his tongue gets loose and his belt even looser".  Lucifer has been heard to say. "I'd rather trust water not to be wet."

For the past few centuries, it has been noticed that Asmodeus has not changed his appearance, for a time much greater than a human body should be able to survive. None are certain on what the reason for this 'stability' is but rumours of Lucifer's favour in the form of an Anathema stone abound. 

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