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Fallen Lucifer
Nephilim History

In approximately 7-8000 B.C, shortly after the conclusion of the War in Heaven, around two hundred Fallen angels led by Lucifer descended to Earth and took on human forms, or at least something resembling a human form. It is believed they used their etheric bodies to draw matter from the very air and 'weave' material versions of their angelic forms for they were beautiful and powerful beyond human imagining. They found, on the now-vanished island continent of Atlantis, a human society barely out of barbarism and endeavoured to accelerate them towards a level of civilisation which met their needs and desires.


In five years they taught the humans the Forbidden Knowledge of Heaven; geometry, architecture, magic, mathematics, science and astrology among others. They designed and constructed first the city of Altan; a grand fortress built into a natural cove with mountains at its back. Atlan was the jewel of the world; a great fortified city built up into the near circular cliffs surrounding the bay, level upon level leading up to a great natural pyramid of rare crystal. The pyramid was, in fact, the lava tube of a long-extinct volcano over three hundred metres in height. Contrary to popular belief what became known as The Temple of the Abyss was not carved but uncovered. The perfect pyramid was encased in volcanic basalt and all they did was chip this rock away to reveal the crystal structure underneath. So deep purple as to appear black, the temple gave off a pulsing near to subsonic hum which could be heard for miles around. It can still be heard, deep below the ocean.


In Atlan they began to notice the beauty of human women. For some reason nobody has ever been able to explain, all of the angels encarnated as males. Though it was forbidden, in direct contravention of the Creator's most cardinal of Rules, the encarnated angels began to lie with the women and with them bred children.


Some of these children were giants - inhuman monsters over one hundred feet high upon maturity -, others were things no-one had seen before, terrible creatures which attacked and killed anyone they saw. Most were killed on birth though a number escaped, into the wilds or even the ocean itself. A few made it to the mainland and vanished from all knowledge, at least for a while. Eventually -  as humanity began to more strongly affect the sons of Heaven, as the weight of their chosen form exerted itself upon them - the children of Fallen and mortal started to at least look human. Not until much later was it realised that said resemblance was only skin deep. 


There are many 'classes' or types of what came to be known as 'native' or first generation nephilim, those born directly of Fallen angel fathers. In fact, there are too many to accurately classify. Some are listed in the TYPES  section of this document.


Great ships were built and hordes of nephilim were sent out 'into the world' to build trade routes and alliances with human civilisations. Martially superior to and better equipped than anyone out there, such alliances were quickly finalised and always in Atlantis' favour. They raided, pillaged and enslaved many of the fledgling nations of Earth in very short order. Colonies were established and the nephilim began to act as had their fathers, breeding with the humans - who saw them as gods - to create a new hybrid bloodline.Demons, demigods, monsters, orcs and ogres you have heard of them all. Giants too, everyone knows about giants. For over one hundred years, the kingdom of Lucifer conquered more and more of the ancient world until it came to the Creator's notice and He could ignore it not more.


Atlantis now lies ten miles beneath the sea as do many of the cities built on what was once the mainland. The Creator sent Michael and his Legions and he sent The Flood with them. The Fallen were punished greatly, their bodies undone and stripped to bare spirits, bound to the Earth. Most of the nephilim were drowned with their native land. It is estimated that some five-hundred escaped in ships that day - ships which were curiously already loaded and provisioned for a long voyage - and made it to what land remained. It was a strange world for them because over two-thirds of the lands they remembered were gone forever.


The surviving ships were scattered far by storms and ended up landing all around the world; Ireland, South America, Greece, Babylonia, Sumeria, India, the Far East. Wherever they made landfall, they were welcomed by the survivors as gods. So many of the gods of the Ancient World were, in fact, nephilim survivors. Most of the demi-gods and great heroes also. It is important to remember that the Creator can no more breed with humans than a man can with chickens. The nephilim, though, they were not true gods so breed they did. All the myths of the Ancient World make a whole lot more sense when you think about them in this context.


It was not long after the new nations, already influenced and infiltrated by nephilim, began to grow and spread. Soon after this, the Fallen returned and began to seek to unify their scattered children. It is said that Asmodeus was the first to discover what would be their most important discovery; how to possess humans and the rules of this relationship. This knowledge perfected, Lucifer and his confederates began to draw together and begin what would be known as the Great Plan; the road-map back to Heaven which would also remove the 'inferior' humans from the face of the Earth forever. Lucifer cared about only two things; getting back into Heaven, the gates of which the Creator had closed to them forever and proving the Creator wrong when it came to the human race. He had always said that the humans would disappoint the Creator if gifted Free Will and he set out to prove it.


His organisation began to infiltrate and subvert governments, religions and all human organisations; controlling, subverting and twisting; leaking some information and hiding others; changing and manipulating. Following the arrival and dramatic departure of the actual Son of God in 3 AD, Lucifer endeavoured to ensure that His message would never be left to Man in its pure form. He divided and corrupted the message so much that the version we have today is barely recognisable from the original. We have at least twenty different sects of Christianity, all of which assert to be being the right one, have their own interpretation of a very incomplete Bible and more dogmas than the world's largest canine shelter for pregnant females. Lucifer realised it would take no more than the human race to start believing and following this simplest of messages for all of his efforts to come to nought. He buried the message deep in dogma and ritual until the millions who followed these new churches had no real idea who they were even following anymore. It was not Jesus. 


In more modern times, things became even easier. It was in our time that Lucifer truly flexed the muscles of his subtlety. Secret societies, conspiracies, hidden governments and shadows who are said to 'truly be in charge'. None of them even are and most of them do not even exist. The general rule is this; if you have heard of them then one of two things apply; either they do not exist or they want to think that they do. The ones who are really running the world are, believe me, the ones you have never heard of...

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