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The Preludes of Enoch

Author Signed Limited Edition


Special edition paperback of the Preludes of Enoch with bonus full-colour artwork, signed and numbered by the author.

Join Asmodeus and Julian as they set out to find the middle way between two forces they realise are equally dangerous to the future of the human race they have come to both admire and rely upon. 

Enter a world of danger on every corner, of betrayal and friendship unlikely as well as secrets beyond imagining. Enter the world you will soon realise you have always been living in but just had not noticed most of until now. 

If you are looking for the back stories of everyone's favourite demon and nephilim double-act, here is where you will find them. 


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* Copies will be delivered by mail within 21 days of purchase. FREE SHIPPING to EU and US. For other regions, you will be informed by email if shipping or postage costs apply

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