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Lucifer: Michael 'Two-Cent' Lucent

DEATH - The Chronicles of Enoch

Lucifer made himself Death


Lucifer. The Star of the Morning. The Light-bringer. The former King of Atlantis. The Accuser of God. We all know him and not one person alive does not know one of his titles. He is THE Fallen angel and was once the greatest of all angels. He claims to have been made First Created and to have been gifted with the greatest will and intelligence. He often appears convinced that he is still doing The Creator's will. To use his words "I am not, like Michael, blindly giving Him what He asks. I am giving Him what He needs."


Lucifer is the chief of the Fallen, the one who controls it all. He has a Great Plan for the End of All Things, the return to Heaven and to start the second War of Heaven. He will use anyone and anything to get back and win back his father's approval, to prove that he was right all along.


Lucifer is subtle beyond imagining. Not even his own fellow "Horsemen"; Abaddon, Penumael, Sammael and...the other one...seem to know what he is planning most of the time. Such is his power of command and charisma, though, that they will follow his orders without question. There are also rumours of the terrible punishments he has meted out to those who disobeyed him to consider...


Lucifer always chooses for his 'mounts' rich and powerful men who he makes even more rich and even more powerful. He adores the fame and importance such men give him. 

Star of Morning - The Chronicles of Enoch

Lucifer in Heaven before he Fell

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