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Nephilim Background;
The Great Plan & Deception

To continue from earlier; if you know about the plan or see the strings then that is what they want you to see. They control the media. They control the internet. They control television, radio, Hollywood; they control it all and have been practising for a very long time. It is not for nothing that Lucifer is called the Master of Lies; no-one can deceive like he can.


Here is an example and be aware that this information is time sensitive; it is only a matter of time before he finds it and takes it down. Distribute it now before he finds out.


On 10th July 1947; an unidentified vehicle crashed into the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The rancher who owned the land identified the vehicle as 'a big silver disc' containing the dead bodies of beings who 'couldn't be human'. He did what anyone sensible would do under the circumstances; he called the press. He told them everything as he saw it only to recant on everything after he received a visitor from a nearby military base.


The wreckage was taken away on three large trucks which the rancher swore to anyone who asked that he never saw. The wreckage of a "weather balloon" was taken away on three large vehicles; the story and photographs the press had been of course faked. Many said that the manner in which authorities handled events had rather the opposite effect to that which was they intended. There was very clumsily covered proof of alien visitation to our world. The way they had been so quick and 'desperate' to cover up what happened in Roswell was further proof. Afterall, with infallible human logic,  why would they go to such effort to cover something up if it wasn't true? Why, because that is what they wanted you to believe of course.


Lucifer is subtle, remember that? Icarus I, the vehicle was called. A high atmospheric, semi-spaceworthy vehicle produced at least thirty years before the US military was supposed to have one of those. It was piloted by two 'Jeepies' or General Purpose shape-shifter nephilim and Lucifer was trying to get to the moon. A design failure caused the switch between air-breathing and rocket engines not to take place and the vehicle came down from 130,000 feet at four times the speed of sound, breaking apart as it fell. The nephilim had been 'shifted' for high altitude and increased radiation, as well as reduced weight and robustness. They had died instantly when the dive of Icarus I became terminal and there had been no time to shift back. Lucifer was beside himself until people started to whisper 'Aliens'. Then he pulled his masterstroke. There is no way he wanted humanity to know about the nephilim or any of that; he had gone to great lengths to bury all evidence. Aliens on other planets had not been mentioned anywhere in the Bible and Science had been making serious advancements into the human psyche these days. Faith and spirituality were losing to reason. The donkey was overloaded and maybe one last straw would break it's back at long last!


The entire UFO phenomenon was Lucifer's crowning glory and complete invention. It's very easy for shifters to assume the look which people now associate with aliens. Easy to adapt and improve the highly advanced technology the public didn't think existed. Kipnap backwater hicks and crazies; abuse them medically then send them back. Do nonsensical things to cattle and make strange designs in fields. Then go for a more subtle form of influence. Do you not find it odd that there was a huge spike in movies about aliens and so forth immediately after Roswell. They stopped a little after we landed on the moon and - as far as the TV showed - found no aliens. Then when the 'lost' and 'hidden' tapes found their way out, spiked right back up again? It's easier to hide something in plain view whilst getting everyone to look the other way...


Rothschilds, NWO, Illuminati, Opus Dei, Council for Foreign Relations, The Majestic Twelve, Project Bluebook, Freemasons, Knights Templar, the Mormons, all started with Roswell but mushroomed exponentially from there. Some little pet projects became much more important once the conspiracy thing started to really take off. The internet really helped and to think that Asmodeus had that planned just for distribution of material of questionable morality! 


If you take your eyes off the cups for even a second, the ball will not even be under the wrong one anymore. There will be one million balls which all look alike!


The Vatican. The Banks. Modern Democracy. The Corporations. Christianity. The Bible. The Middle East and Jerusalem. All planned, all infiltrated, all carefully stage-managed to lead to one place; humanity losing faith and sight of what truly matters and wiping itself out. By the Rules, he cannot annihilate us himself. He cannot subvert our Free Will either so he cannot oblige us to do it. He can simply hand us the button and make it abundantly clear that we are NOT to, under any circumstances at all, push it. he knows full well that we will. After all, it was him who has been nudging us in that direction for all this time....


How can you beat a system you have spent all your life being conditioned to believe isn't even there?

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