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The Culture of the Nephilim
In Modern Times

It is always the same, right? Do you know that the parade to celebrate St. Patrick's Day began in New York in 1762, by Irish soldiers serving for the British? In Ireland, it is barely celebrated. You live in Ireland and you're Irish, no need to tell everyone, they know already. The same with the 'Old Ones' or 'The First'. They don't need clubs or badges to celebrate their nephilimity. They serve in the shadows and prefer to stay there.  Like real Gangsters, if the people knew your real name, you were in trouble. 


Of course, modern nephilim descendants don't think that way. Today is an age where difference is celebrated and promoted, where there are one hundred million different genders but some people belong to none of them. Everyone is part of a club and joining the Illuminati appears to be as simple as subscribing to a mailing list. Of course, the real Illuminati have a thing or two to say about that but I'll let them tell you themselves later. That's not my job. 


It is quite simple really; any nephilim born 'wild' after the 3rd generation is effectively on their own. The blood-strain has been watered down enough that giants or monsters are rarely apparent right away. It seems the native human DNA evolved a safety mechanism for that, keeping the 3rd helix dormant until the onset of adolescence as is normal for such things. More details on this in the TYPES section later on. It is almost unknown for 'differences' to be visible early on though, of course, things happen. You have seen the photos on the internet. 


So nephilimism, as it were, appears at the time in a person's life that they are looking for an identity, a belonging. Of course, a simple search of the internet will give you an idea of the results. Everyone who enjoys a certain kind of music, book or TV Show is part nephilim. It has become a cultural phenomenon like vampires and werewolves. Nobody knows what being a real nephilim would truly mean; that otherworldly powers are actually terrifying and not even slightly 'cool' like they show in the movies. As  Julian once joked to McCullough "put one of the fashion nefs in a dark alley with a hungry soul eater and we'll see how cool it is..."


It's not all about crystals, magical symbols and fancy Latin chants. It's not about mirrors at midnight, black candles and pentagrams, black makeup and clothing. It's not about bands who try to steal what was never theirs or fancy re-tellings. It is deadly serious and that stuff is dangerous in the wrong hands. According to older nefs, there are lots of wrong hands...


So, if true 'nefs' like The Pack think this way about the trendies, what do Atlan born think about them? Best not get into politics here. 


Like with any grouping or shared interest, modern nefs have created a culture and mythos which is part truth, part misunderstanding and part pure invention. They know the Fallen angel part now, thanks to the coincidental re-emergence of the Book of Enoch. They have simply forgotten, rather conveniently, what caused those angels to fall and what their aims are. The complete destruction - involving the maximum suffering possible - of the entire human race. A human who wants to serve the devil is like a pig who wants to work for the butcher. Very much like in fact because the giants which survived DO need to be fed! Here is the essence of modern nephilim culture which is at least BASED on the truth;


The Fallen Angels or 'Riders' (from the old title of  'He Who Rides Mortals' or perhaps even 'Storm Rider', the origin has been lost are the almost mythical idols of the nefs. Like movie or rock stars to mortals, nefs try and recognise which rider is inside which human of influence. They keep lists and photos on websites such as and among the most popular. Another good site is (Associated True Nef Resource Network) but be careful; they have IP trackers, DNS scrapers and adaptive tracking cookies built into that page. If you do not ever want an unexpected nocturnal visitor or at least to be followed very closely for a number of months, stay away. So, Riders are to top-dogs and everyone who is a nef wants to be like them, maybe meet one or - even better yet - work for one of them.


Next, we have the First or Native. The nephilim who were born on Atlantis and later scattered across what dry land was left after the Flood. These nephilim became gods and influencers of early human history. There are few of them left following the 700 War and depredations by the Hated Hunters (self-styled nephilim hunters such as Gilgamesh) or simple accident. Some are sealed and hidden, others quite dead. Nobody knows for sure how many are left but most of them work directly for the fallen, it is widely believed. 


Next we have the Exiles of the Rogues. There are even less of them, a mere handful. The nefs don't know who they are mostly, but they hate them. Like the bogie-men and Most Wanted of the human world, these individuals are also sought, looked for and subject of much gossip and speculation. Just as the human conspiracy theorists with our world fro things which do not fit, the nefs watch both our world as well as their own. They are hunting the hunters as well as keeping their eyes on what the human world knows, or at least thinks it knows. Little do they know that they, in turn, are watched. Anything they publish or find gets too close to the truth, it is very rapidly discredited. It is rumoured, on some of their forums that the First or even the Riders have infiltrated their organisations to ensure they remain 'in their lane' as it were. No-one had yet been able to prove any of that. It is often mentioned that true nef society is even more closely controlled than human society is feared by many to be. 


Down at the bottom, we have the nefs themselves, in all their bright and wonderful variety. We  will discuss some of that variety later but suffice it to say there are as many as types of people. The weird, the wonderful, the downright strange and irritating; those who have suffered much and those who want you to think they have. Look at all the odd-ball classes of people and you will, once you know what to look for. That look you sometimes see which makes you shiver. That flicker across your mind of not right. Once you learn to pay attention, you will indeed see that they are everywhere. Most of them do not even know. Few of them ever fully awake. Maybe they'll have a talent or two, be able to do what others can not see things which are really there and so on. They might be called witches, Wiccans, psychics, star-children and so forth but that is not what they are. It is odd how many bought into Lucifer's Deception and think themselves the children of aliens or something! There are even sites which discuss such matters as if they were true; that Lucifer, Lilith, even Abaddon are not evil but simply misunderstood, maligned by a biased Bible. Humans get all angered up and defensive about it not even realising why they think such dangerous foolishness. Most of those who do 'awake' tend to exist on the fringes of society, very much afraid of what may happen if their abilities were ever discovered. Most kinds of shifter tend to have quite the dramatic time of it! The first time your turn into something you are not used to being is quite terrifying, we can assure you! 


So we have a lot of overly-imaginative teen-agers who can do things most of the teen-agers either claim or wish they could do. Once in a while, they will get an email or an invite from an anonymous source and that will leave them to the ATNRN or similar organisation. Either that or they may encounter and older nef 'by chance' in a very public place with lots of witnesses and zero chance of surveillance. One way or another, they will be educated, mentored and warned. They will be inducted in nef society and taught whichever mishmash serves as the accepted Lore of their organisation. After that, they are often left alone with their mentor close by for when they might be needed. Nefs were not really social people when they still thought they were just people. Once they are awoken to the greater scope of things, they seem to withdraw even further. Out there, there is someone - perhaps a group of someones - monitoring, filtering, adapting and distributing. Nobody actually knows just who it is that curate and administers the various forums and websites that are out there. Everyone seems to 'know a guy' but can never tell anyone who said guys is, what he looks like or where to find him.


Rumour abounds. Asmodeus is suspected, seeing as he is Lucifer's favourite 'computer nerd' and internet guru. Asmodeus just has a love and affinity for technology. He is a potential candidate though. It would not be the first time that Lucifer has arranged for fake information to be leaked in such a way; look at Roswell. If the humans knew what they were truly dealing with...


It is deeply suspected in some circles that Lucifer is influencing nephilim society the same way he has and continues to influence that of the humans. It suits his deeply complex designs to have the humans and nephilim thinking and acting as they are.

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