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Detective 2nd Grade of the Serious Crime Division of the APD based at their Peachtree Street offices.


Son of former Detective and Pastor Marcus Vanderbilt as well as murdered former defense contractor Peter Vanderbilt.


Uncle and unexpected guardian to Zane Vanderbilt following the murder of his parents.


What he jokingly calls one of the last straight cops left in existence. He adds that The Big Chief always knows when one has bent the rules and He can't be bribed.


Believes himself to be quite the charmer and humourist.


Was somnewhat indirectly aware of what his father did in his spare time. He always paid more attention to the details than Charles.


Colleagues accuse him of being a bit of an empath.


Charles Vanderbilt

Lifetime APD police officer just like his late father, who retired as Detective first class; the first African American to ever do so. His father Marcus became bitter and quit the Force following the hit-and-run death of his mother (Charles' grandmother) Ms. Princie Vanderbilt in 1985. Old Man Marcus retired and became Pastor of a struggling local church. Charles joined the Force hoping to succeed where his father had not. Marcus lived to see Charles graduate from the Atlanta Academy but enjoyed none of his career. 


Charles has always believed what he calls "The policing of Right". Never cut corners, never even bend the rules slightly. Do what is Right and what is Law. What you want is irrelevant because you took an oath to be a servant of the Law


He would dearly love to catch Big-Momma's killer one day, the driver of the car that killed her was never apprehended or even questioned but he will never make it personal.


Charles had always had a deep understanding with his nephew Sander. He felt that he knew what Sander wanted to say even when the lad was non-verbal and didn't know how to. He is single and childless himself and was heart-broken when Peter and Lucille moved to Boston and took his 'lil coloring buddy' away. 


Like Marguelisa, Charles is, for reasons he cannot understand, afraid that Sander is in great danger. From whom or what he does not know but he remembered the stories his brother Peter told him one night, after their mother's funeral when they were incredibly drunk.


Although he was sure it was 90% their drink talking, Charles has a very useful little 'talent' for a police officer; he can tell when somebody is lying to him. Peter was telling him what he thought to be the truth in his drunken and grief-stricken mind. 


He has seen more than enough monsters in human skin throughout the course of his work to need to invent more. 

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