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The Faithful

Well this is a pretty broad topic you would think. Anyone who goes to church and calls themself a Christian should be included here, is that not right? No? A Jew then? No? A Muslim? Oh...then what?

What defines faith? You tell me. Here is the thing; The Creator does not care which book you read, what name you assign to yourself, your little group or even to Him. He is The Creator and therefore knows who He is. All People of the Book are worthy if they follow the rules; especially the Golden Rule. You know; the most important one of them all? "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself"? You see, first Man and then your arch-antagonists began to interfere with, interpret and even corrupt the message of His Prophets. It became overwhelming, unwieldy and dogmatic. It changed from a way of life, a faith, into a Religion. 


It is written that The Creator prefers an honest agnostic to a fanatical liar.

One who can justify murder, war or anything the Law forbids, how can one claim to be faithful? Can one do anything which your attested faith states is wrong and continue to identify with that faith? Have a long and hard think about that one...

So, you see, there are lot less true Faithful than you first thought. The people who The Creator Himself would immediately approve of. The people that Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Buddha...would not be ashamed of . Lucifer wants us to be divided, to fight over stupidities and be disagreeing always; it makes his job so much easier. If we are fighting each other, we are not united to resist him. If we all did what was Right instead of what some supposedly important man, or some book, TV show or internet site tell us is right, how better a place would the world be? If everyone just started doing what was Right, then Lucifer would be beaten before he even realised it...

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