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Gilgamesh. Demigod. 1st Generation nephilim hybrid. Human apparent with no abilities or mutations yet classified.  Born 2500 B.C approx.


Rumour of some kind of time control ability but this has never been observed.

Currently the only police/SWAT sniper on record with an almost blank Kill Sheet.

Dispises unnecessary death. Will not kill unless there is absolutely no alternative, not even people of absolutely proven evil.

Occasional nephilim hunter who likes to spot and neutralise the 'vehicles' of Fallen.



Gilgamesh; a truly ancient hero who survived the Flood by building high and mighty the walls of his city Uruk. He built this city to save his people from the Flood, which he was warned of in a vision. He was a mighty warrior and king who defeated one of the nephilim giants in single combat. Said to be a demigod, Gilgamesh is the son of an Atlan exile who settled in Akkadia and continued the example of Lucifer; teaching forbidden secrets to mankind. Long after the flood and following many adventures, he went off in search of the wise-man Utnapishtim. Oddly enough, that turned out to be Enoch in hiding. Enoch gives him the truth and Gilgamesh goes off in search of Sable, whom he believes is the Key.

In modern times, Gilgamesh is working for the APD in Atlanta, occasionally seconded as a SWAT sniper. He trained first as a sniper in WW2 when he served as a Red Army citizen sniper and trained under the great Vasily Zaytsev. His APD colleagues joke that he could pit an olive from 200 meters, he has another unique skill they speak about much more reverently.  SWAT Sargeant Kamesh Gil has a kill count of 1. That one was an accident when he suffered a weapon malfunction which caused him to take his shot early. Officer Gil can shoot to wound from distances most snipers cannot even pick a kill point from. He will disable his target but leave them alive; neutralise but not kill. His colleagues can pick them up and allow them to face Justice as is right.

It's a code, Kamesh will say to any who think to ask, the oldest and most inviolable of them all; the Law.

Sargeant Gil hates killing as much as he hates the bad guys he takes out of action; out and down for his colleagues to pick up and arrest. He has not killed anyone in close to nine hundred years. The less anyone talks about that period of his life, the better; he says. That was before he met Sable and everything he believed to be real changed. 


He has been shadowing Sable ever since. 

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