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Dr. Marguelisa  Montero

Dr. Marguelisa Montero, M.D., PhD, Psy.D a behavioural psychologist who trained at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Dominican Republic. She practised there for several years before an incident in 1997 hit her harder than she would have ever expected. The death - by suspected but never proven political assassination -  of Mayoral Electee Skander Draco during his victory speech. Mr. Draco had been a long-term patient of Dr. Montero's and she had started to notice 'strange things' long before the highly unexpected DNA test results of he and his friends came back from an Athens lab.


Due to both the event itself and, to a degree, fear that the Dominican authorities might try to erase all evidence relating to the incident, she fled to America and set up practice in Atlanta. She worked for the APD on several important cases and built a reputation for both getting the job done and speaking her mind.


Often brought into to assess potential suspects or witnesses where mental illness is suspected by officers; she will determine fitness for questioning and trial, reliability as a witness and special accommodations required should the person need to be incarcerated, at least temporarily. 


When she first met Sander something opened in her because he reminded her somehow of her now long-dead former patient though the two looked nothing alike. It was just...something. Maybe something told her that Sander was in danger like Draco had been only she had been too late to save him? 



Behavioural psychologist and psychiatrist based in Atlanta GA.


Was indirectly involved a little too deeply in the Skander Draco Affair of 1997. Much too much for some.


Determined to listen to her instincts and protect Sander as she failed to protect Draco.

Has worked a number of high profile cases both in the US and her native DR.

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