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Fourteen years old with Austism and some ADHD.

Raised mostly in Boston, MA but still remembers his early life in Georgia.

Loves to colour with wax pencils. Is very particular about only using books which follow the numbering scheme for colours he is used to. Peter ended up having to order them direct from Europe when American publishers decided to update.


Is very focussed on the numerical value of things. Will often get very upset about the order of certain numbers and events, like when he fled his Atlanta hotel room and 'Aunt' on the night of his parent's murder.  

Lucille - The Chronicles of Enoch

Mother - Lucille Vanderbilt                     

Sander Vanderbilt

Sander is 8 years of age and has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or what used to simply be called Autism or Asperger's Syndrome (Sander called it Ass-Burgers once in his mother's hearing and that did not go well. Peter may well have laughed but Charles, who was there, denies such scandalous rumours).


Sander likes to colour his paint by numbers books using his favourite brand of wax colouring pencil. To say he likes it is like saying that birds like to fly. They say every Autistic person has his or her 'thing' and, if that is true then Sander's is colouring. Now not all autistics are miracle savants who are beyond brilliant at one particular thing like Dustin Hoffman was. Still, Sander does have a strange affinity with numbers.


His 'Aunt Gusty' who had fallen asleep in the hotel room she and Sander were sharing as she cared for him told police "He yelled a string of numbers and belted off like the devil himself was chasing him."


So maybe Sander does have a superpower?


His Full name is Samuel Alexander Vanderbilt, hence (following his very unique form of logic) Sa(m)'(Ale)xander = Sander. It's logical to him. It's grown on Lucille and even on Peter who was sure the  kid was going to suffer endless chicken jokes


Loves his uncle Charles like few others in his life. He is certain that Charles 'gets him' and doesn't just pretend like most adults do. Sander is also convinced that Charles is more than a little crazy which is fine by him because he's crazy too, so they say.



We at the Chronicles of Enoch support all members of the ASD community and recognise the unique challenges they face in the online world. We recommend a visit to this page, not just for ASD readers but for anyone who might be considered vulverable.

Father - Peter Vanderbilt

Peter - The Chronicles of Enoch
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