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Uriel. The Angel of Knowledge and of the South Wind. Candidate for becoming the fourth archangel but considered too risky a choice.

Very close friend of Enoch who enjoys long centries of research and study.

Spends a lot of time on Earth, shadowing nephilim and Fallen.

Rumoured to have taken flesh but strongly denies this.

Michael is worried just how far he would go in the quest for knowledge.

The Angel Uriel

Uriel, the almost archangel. It was thought by many in Heaven that there must always be five archangels; a Pentad rather than the current Quad. Many feel that this causes imbalance. That keeping Lucifer's "spot" open as Rafael insists on doing is bad luck. Some even suggest that there are seven or more archangels but this is not true. Never more than four and never less than three is the rule. 


Uriel was the main candidate to complete the archangelic Quad. He is the angel who took Enoch on his now famous tour of Heaven and revealed what some consider to be a little too much to him. He even took Enoch to places never before seen by mortal eyes. Some say that is was Michael's deciding vote which kept him out of the ranks of archangels. When Michael interviewed Uriel about his 'indiscretions' regarding the tour of Enoch and his creative choices of what the prophet should see it was said he was afraid. Michael cited the orders of God and says his blood was turned to ice when Uriel replied with "I gave him what he needed, not what he wanted." Echoes of words so similar to those which had come from the mouth of Lucifer on that fateful day...he just couldn't risk it, he said. Uriel is too willful and unstable.


The angel and man formed a great bond of trust and friendship during his tour, Uriel and Enoch spend much time together in Heaven. Uriel loves knowledge of all kinds. He will often comb the Earth for new books and discoveries to bring to Enoch and please him.  Uriel spends a lot of time around or near Earth, seeking to learn the plans of his Fallen brethren.  He realises Michael may never give his vote due to his fears and memories of Lucifer but seeks to help in any way he can all the same.  He will not rest until Lucifer and his rebels are cast down eternally and forever.


A very serious and focussed angel who spends much less time in Heaven and with his friend and brothers than he should. It is whispered in Heaven's Halls that he took the flesh once or twice in secret but Uriel denies these accusations.

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