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Chosen - The Chronicles of Enoch

Our Chosen in this era, someone who has been Chosen at least once (maybe twice) before is Enoch. Back when he was first on Earth, sometime before the Flood, Enoch was the Great Grandfather of Noah and the man whom The Creator chose to intercede with the Fallen and Nephilim. To live amongst them and understand them.


The Nephilim thought that Enoch, having lived among them for a while, would be sympathetic to their cause and understand their plans and purposes. They sent him to press their case with the Creator and with high hopes. When Enoch returned with a Judgement, many saw this as proof that the prophet had sold out; a betrayal in fact. It has been said that Abaddon, one of the chief Fallen and most enthusiastic producer of nephilim, would still murder Enoch on sight even today.  In fact, it was because of this perceived danger that one of those nephilim - supposedly fathered by Abaddon - helped Enoch escape from Atlantis one night and disappear. That nephilim was Sable who, at the time, knew little about Enoch but was certain it was Right to help him, so that is what he did. 


After his mission among the Fallen was completed and his Testimony written (with the help of Sable, who had rescued the old man from certain death again), the Creator grew concerned that Enoch would die as Men do and took him up into Heaven to avoid losing one whom He loved greatly.


Enoch remained in Heaven from that point onward, working as the Creator's chief scribe and chronicler.  Then he was called into the Creator's presence and asked to return to Earth. Lucifer was trying to force the Apocalypse and the Creator needed him and his nephilim stopped...He chose Enoch for the task and somebody chose Sable to help him.

The Chosen

What would it mean to be the Chosen of The Creator? Ask Job, he would tell you that, in spite of all the terrible things he suffered to prove it, it was all about having Faith and being true first of all to oneself. 

Job chose The Creator. The Creator did not, necessarily, choose Job. In spite of all that which Job had suffered he chose to accept Him. Many today suffer as Job did but do not realise it is at the hands of Lucifer and his compatriots, as well as other humans that they are suffering. They blame The Creator and therefore choose Lucifer. Even upon the crucifix, Jesus himself doubted Him for a moment. In the end, he accepted The Creators's plan and submitted. That is the key word (or verb) to submit. It is simple yet it is very difficult. That is the reason behind the saying "Many are called yet few are Chosen" (Matthew 22:14). 

The Creator does not do the choosing, we do. One chooses to submit or one does not. One chooses, one is not chosen. That is why there are so few of The Chosen; one at a time in fact. So few are born with that kind of strength.

Enoch - The Chronicles of Enoch
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