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Michael; chief archangel and commander of the armies of the Creator. 

Known as "The Wrath of God" for his enthusiasm and zeal when carrying out the Creator's will.

Swore to deal with Lucifer personally after shaming himself in Atlantis.

Has insisted to the Creator that Lucifer is trying to return to Heaven by force and that security must be increased.

Archangel Michael

Michael; formally the second archangel now the first and commander of the angelic host. His brother Lucifer used to fulfil both of these roles...It is said that Michael was deeply wounded by Lucifer's betrayal and was angered when Gabriel delivered news of his vision. He could not believe his beautiful brother's words nor could he comprehend what Lucifer had done. It has been said around Heaven that, from that day onward, Michael changed. Gone was the jovial and exaggeratedly formal page of God and in his place there came the General.


Another great change came over Michael after the Flood, when he was sent - many said he volunteered - to punish Lucifer and his Fallen personally. Many were those who witnessed the Moment; that time when Michael almost considered, many said almost accepted Lucifer's offer of friendship and alliance. The moment he almost betrayed the Creator.


Michael is often described as having a strange affinity with lightning; when enraged or upon the Creator's work, lightning can be seen to emerge from his very flesh and shine from his eyes. For these reasons he is named "The Wrath of God".  Anyone who has seen him in full armour with his lightning wreathed spear in hand could not doubt the accuracy of this title. It is said that when he delivered Judgement on Lucifer and later on Sodom and Gomorrah, even the loyal angels were afraid.


It is said that Michael used to be rather friendly and even humorous but he certainly is not that now. He has been heard to say "I will smile when the stain is washed clean..." whether he means the stain of betrayal or his moment of indecision nobody knows.

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