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Abaddon as War


Col. Abraham Mahon USMC


Abaddon. The Horseman of War. Demon of the Deadly Sin of Wrath.


The complete and terrifying psychopath who loves violence of all kinds.  Even Lucifer is careful around Abaddon, though he knows how to manipulate and mostly control the demon. Everyone else is scared of him. He is known for sudden and unexpected rages, violent outbursts and a brutality which even other demons find excessive. He adores inflicting pain and suffering on others, whether there is a need or not. 

He claimed Sable as his son and states it was he that gave the nephilim his matchless fighting abilities. Others, especially Lucifer, laugh at this. Sable is cold and calculating, not vicious and berserker like Abaddon. 

Abaddon is rarely seen 'in the world' as Lucifer prefers to keep him occupied with wars and violence until he needs him to apply his viciousness right where it is needed. Abaddon has often been the one who delivers Lucifer's legendary punishments.

He is unimaginative and will do exactly what Lucifer tells him to, without question.  Other Fallen will - well out of his earshot - call him "Lucifer's Dog" or even "Lucifer's Michael". Once Abaddon is unleashed by Lucifer he will follow his instructions to the letter and that is why he is so valuable.

He is also a creature of habit and will always choose big, red-haired men for his mounts. He jokes that he used to Irish because he loves a good drink and a good fight after.

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