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Penumael as Corruption


Penumael. The Plague Bringer. The Horseman of Pestilence. The Demon of the Deadly Sin of Greed. Master of Writing.

Penumael is odd. That is the first thing that anyone will tell you. He likes to vary his mounts a lot; he will ride women and men and isn't as habitual and picky as other Fallen tend to be. Penumael likes variety he will say, he likes unpredictability. He does like to surprise his fellows and mess with Asmodeus when he does pick a woman. 


All of the Fallen will tell you that Penumael is convinced that he is a master of comedy as well as well of words and writing. He is credited with writing some of the more ridiculous of the conspiracy books. He champions the battle between faith and science like no other. He will work with Sammael often to pick the next point of conflict or argument.

Though he was responsible for all outbreaks of the Black Death in Europe and Asia his responsibilities are more widespread now; pestilence yes but under a wider umbrella; move with the times, right? Sickness of the people, the land and the world are now his combined portfolio. Spiritual sickness; apathy, these are his new favourites. The Climate Change Debate was one of his masterstrokes; hiding the truth while at the same time discrediting both sides. He now runs two of the greatest enemies to a healthy anything in the world; Big Oil and Big Pharma. 

Penumael likes Big, it is often joked, because God chose to be a little cruel in that department with him. Abaddon will often joke with him about this and Penumael is of course delighted by his brother's wit.


Dr. Penny Umbral; Pemumael at work.

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