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Sammael as Famine


Cardinal Sabatelli


Sammael. The patron of the magical arts. Baphomet. The twister and the deceiver. The Horseman of Famine.


Sammael is the Fallen that least is known about. He operates almost exclusively out of the Vatican these days and pretty much always has. He is always careful to ensure he will never be Pope but is there in the shadows. He has ridden a number of high ranking Cardinals who were carmerlengi  (masters of household) for several Popes. He will never be Pope but he will always have the incumbent's ear. He has been heard to say "Not all famine involves the body or scarcity of food. There is spiritual famine also and that is much more insidious."


Sammael is credited exclusively with the most successful of Lucifer's plans, the subversion of the Catholic church.  Tomás de Torquemada was one of his favourite projects. One of the few when he and Abaddon worked together and did so to much acclaim from their fellows.


Described as a quiet and ascetic man mostly, though one with expensive tastes. He is usually seen as an old and thin man, though in robust health. He is always finely dressed and groomed and is usually admired for this.


He is often involved in the less public of visits on behalf of the Holy See and is a skilled diplomat. A popular joke today is been "If the lion ever were to lay down and eat grass with the lamb, it would be Cardinal Sabatel who will convince it to do so."


He also will visit Satanic churches in order to ensure they are well funded. He has unquestioned access to Opus Dei accounts worldwide and is rumoured to be a member.



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