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The Fallen Deception

Following their "defeat" at Atlantis, the Fallen were denied their ability to fabricate themselves divine bodies that reflected their angelic origins for the rest of time. They were exiled to Earth as "thinking breaths of wind", the Gates of Heaven forever shut tight to them.

One might think, with good reason that that would indeed, be that. 

Had it not been for a chance discovery by, once more, Penumael, it would have been.

It was reasoned in the following manner; humans breathe in order to remain alive. Therefore breath is life and life is breath. A breath of wind of not alive, in itself but a thinking breath of wind the wind enters the lungs of man, woman, child, and beast to give them life, so too can a thinking breath of wind find a new life within a human body.

There was no need to go to all the trouble of making and maintaining one for yourself, you took what already was and used it to do with as you like. It is, of course, an irritant that, unlike the bodies the Fallen had so treasured, human bodies would age and eventually decay but it was a loophole. A loophole it was impossible to imagine that The Creator had neglected to close. 

Yet the Fallen began to take over human bodies (never stealing, there are some laws which cannot be broken or even bent and Free Will is the foremost among these) and slowly, like a child learning to trust the water before swimming in it, to revel in their new freedom. 

Freedom to feel sensation of all kinds, to experience pleasure, to indulge desires, and  - in Lucifer's case, find a way to continue The Work. 


Lucifer shares many traits with his Father it is said. It is usually said far out of Lucifer's earshot and in a hurried and fearful whisper for Lucifer does not approve of such comparisons.

One such trait he patently does not share, according to any observer with excellent self-preservation instincts, is that he is always planning something; meticuously and with a subtlety no-one else can ever comprehend. Once again it would be acceptable to believe that, following his losses at Atlantis, Lucifer would admit defeat and accept his Father's judgement if not meekly, at least modestly. Depending on your point of view, it is either fortunate or unfortunate that modesty is not a mannerism that Lucifer is familiar with. Asmodeus, ever the joker, has been heard to say that the only thing higher than the throne Lucifer wishes to set himself on is his ego and, this time, he is quite right. 

Lucifer cannot accept either defeat or that he might not be right. He is certain he is so it must be so. 

He has quite the complicated plan in motion in order to make that happen. He has been working on it since before humans rediscovered writing. 

He has been very busy and so have his fellow Fallen. You see, Lucifer is convinced of one truth above all others, that mankind was a serious mistake and that, with his help, the Creator will see it for Himself and forgive his wayward son. 

He needs to hear those words, badly

So convinced is he that he has infiltrated every level of the military, government, religion, and the powerful corporations of every burgeoning nation in our world, as well as a few of the so-called 'less-civilised' ones. The nephilim he controls are everywhere and those 'wild' ones he does not seem to help his Plan as he has made no efforts to eliminate them. 

His plan, it is agreed, is rather close to fruition and, for the human race, there are no conceivable circumstances under which that would be a good thing. 

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