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The "Books" of Enoch

Some time around the 11th Century AD, every copy of the so-called "Books" of Enoch were rounded up and destroyed. All knowledge of their existence was erased, 'heretics' that spoke of them were burned at the stake or worse. No explanation was ever given and, seeing as it quite emphatically did not happen, never will be. 

As is often the case, things tend not to behave in what may be called a neat fashion. Some time between 1946 and 1956 AD, a series of clay pots were found buried in caves beside the Dead Sea in Jordan by a group of shepherds. Inside were many ancient and fairly well preserved writings from the early Bible, fragments of the Books of Enoch among them. People were powerfully curious why the Bible they had followed and read for so long appeared to be light a number of Books and Testimonies. Oddly enough, of them all, the Books of Enoch with its fantastical tales of fallen angels breeding with humans captured imagination most of all...

"He could not be found, because God had taken him away..." one would almost think that all of those obscure references remaining in the Bible were left there on purpose...


It is written, not only in his own Books, that the Creator loved Enoch so deeply that He could not bear for him to die and be lost to Him, so He took Enoch up into Heaven while he still lived and there, still does Enoch dwell, as his Lord's chosen scribe.


But we are starting at the end, or close to the beginning of this Chronicle...


We know that the Creator sent Enoch to Atlantis to find out about Lucifer's hidden plans there. He lived among the Fallen, the nephilim, and the  remaining humans (always plenty of slaves on Atlantis) and learned a great many things from them, including their language, which he later shared with the world with almost no immediate impact whatsoever. He came to be trusted by many of them and formed a strange friendship with the young man who would become Sable. So trusted was he that a rather silent faction in Atlan, one which believed the Creator might still forgive them and allow them to return Home begged a favour of him; that he plead with the Creator on their behalf. 

In return for his promises to plead honestly their case, they told him everything and he recorded it all in the Book he presented to Raguel as Exhibit One. He also took the opportunity to record his journeys through Heaven and Sheol, of all Creation and his conversations with Uriel, among other angels. 

It is hinted and never proven that he gave Asmodeus an original copy for, though the two never really got on, there was a degree of respect between them; an understanding. 

Now, as we return to the present, it is strongly believed that a new Book, a new Chronicle of Enoch is coming as he returns to Earth at The Creator's command to, so he thinks, prevent Armageddon. 

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