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New Horizons for The Chronicles

As you all may know (we have been rather vocal about it), The Chronicles of Enoch's days on Facebook are over. Some might be discouraged by this but we refused to lie down and expanded our horizons. We are now developing our presence on alternative Social Media Networks that are less restrictive and more geared towards the artist.

Below you will find the links for our new profiles, please feel free to visit them;

As you are probably aware, we do not lie down and take what we consider to be discrimatory/targeted behaviour from Facebook but where will we, a small concern at the moment, get with fighting them? Nowhere fast is the probable answer to that one so we do not lament, we adapt.

We have also re-activated our old alternative blogs so that those of you that use WordPress or Medium can also follow us there should you wish to.

We would like to use our experiences as a two-pronged message for our readers; be careful how and what you post with Zuckerberg and do not let anything get you down.

When we lost the site that generated over 70% of our traffic and audience; visits and feedback going from 60+ a day to less than 10 overnight, it was quite a blow and we admit to feeling rather hard-done-by and dispirited by it all but we pulled ourselves back together and looked at alternatives.

Our readership has been steadily rising and, though progress remains slow, we are not dispondant, why would we be? Different options and changes equal new opportunity.

One place tried to gag us so we found places where that is not going to happen. We actually find it rather amusing because it wasn't like we were posting anything which was offensive; it wasn't racist, sexist, or descriminatory in any way. The only people it would have offended were those who have no actual reason to take offense because the truth should never offend, it should enlighten.

As we have mentioned previously; it is rather odd that The Chronicles of Enoch Facebook page is still alive and well. It just has not been updated for almost a month. We still get the occasional visit from that source which is indeed amusing.

I say this is simply a time when we all get to show our true colours and they certainly did show theirs.

Let us continue to show ours every day, right?

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