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Massive Book Giveaway!

The Chronicles of Enoch: Preludes is Five Years Young! To celebrate and also because we are lovely people here, we think a bit of a competition is in order. We'll be giving away TEN signed and personalised ebooks, and TWO signed full colour paperbacks valued at $20 each!

Time to celebrate the new and improved Chronicles of Enoch: Preludes ready for its 5th Anniversary by giving away copies of the Deluxe Special Edition!

The rules are simple; look at, study, and muse upon the attached artwork of Asmodeus. Write up to 500 words about him, anything you like or compose some of your own artwork about him, whichever you prefer or are best at.

The top twenty will be featured in a special blogpost and take pride of place (fully credited with links and a brief bio of course) on our website and our Deviantart page as well as announced on Twitter through the @chroniclesofEn1 handle.

The Top Ten will also receive a full colour artwork-infested eBook copy of Chronicles of Enoch: Preludes, which I will digitallly sign, personalise with a message of your choice, date and number.

The Top Two will receive all of the aforementioned PLUS they will receive a full-colour, deluxe edition signed and numbered paperback copy of The Chronicles of Enoch: Preludes.

Open from Midnight CET (Central European Time) tonight, 10th-11th March to Midnight CET (or Zulu for you military types) on March 21st. We will tweet our favourites as they come in too.

To take part, RSVP to this event by registering at , tweet #PreludesCompetition to @chroniclesofen1 or email with "Preludes Competition" as the subject.

Exposure, free advertising, a gorgeous free eBook and maybe a even more gorgeous free paperback up for grabs? What are you waiting for?

Rules & Small Print:

  1. All decisions are final and non-negociable. Winners will be announced and personally informed by no later than Friday 27th March.

  2. Ebooks will be sent by email, please specify your preferred format if notified of your position in the Top Ten.

  3. Paperbacks for the lucky two will be sent by regular international mail so please allow for Covid-19 vagaries in their arrivals but we will send them registered and provide you with the relevent tracking numbers.

  4. Prizes are not transferable but we cannot stop you from gifting them to somebody else.

  5. All book content is copyright of Alan J. Fisher and The Chronicles of Enoch. If we see it for sale without our permission or passed off as the work of somebody else, we will pursue legal recourse.

  6. This promotion is run by and managed exlusively by Alan J. Fisher and The Chronicles of Enoch, you will receive no communication, unsolicited or otherwise from 3rd parties.

  7. You willl be added automatically to Asmodeus' mailing list. If you do not wish to be added, then please tell us.

  8. Your data and personal information will not be sold and will be subject to all relevent GDPR and international laws and protections.

  9. Your words and art remain yours. We will cite you as the copyright holder, owner, and creator. We will add any (spam free) website links, social media links, and bio you request.

  10. We reserve the right to verifiy and check any links provided for authenticity and safety before posting. If we deem any link provided to be spam, harmful, dangerous to our subscriber's data or security, or well-being, we will remove them and inform you why.

  11. The final Top Ten list will be final and cannot be altered once published.

  12. Thought all rights on your work remain yours, we retain the right to use it for advertising purposes of the promotion itself. We will use iit for no purposes other than the promotion without first asking your permission by email. If you want us to use it at another time, ask us to retain it, otherwise our personal copies will be deleted by March 30th for your secuirity and in defense of your rights.

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