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The Road to Notoriety?

It would appear that both Facebook and Insta-nothing-to-do-with-Zuckerberg-gram have blocked our url...

We tried to like a friend's photo on Instagram and were told that "there is a problem with a link in your of our community...please remove..." So we removed it and et voilà , our functionality was restored.

We have been completely shut out of FB now. Innocent posts, cover reveals, pasted excerpts, articles on writing, every single one was determined as spam and "against community standards" suddenly. We posted as normal and no worries, not a peep, we appeared to be allowed. Then three days later, our notifications were overwhelmed with "content removed" messages.

Of course, we appealed each one and heard nothing in reply.

We then had all posts removed from our own Group and WordPress posts to our own Page stopped. So we politely ask Facebook why they're doing this when the groups we posted to contain quite a number of identical posts. We remain as politeas only someone with an old-school British background knows how to be.

The very next day, our new account was disabled.

To disable our accounts, flag our every post, and then red-flag our url...we do have to ask ourselves why. We wonder exactly what we did to offend Facebook?

Remember, this whole little drama started the very day we shared "The Day the Truth Died" post on our original Facebook Page. If we are honest, we don't even think the trio of posts that, over the same amount of days, turned out to be The Chronicles of Enoch's last on Facebook.

Of course, we can prove nothing and do not entirely believe it ourselves because it does sound just too outlandish to be true. It seems that Google likes us well enough, though...

We are investigating and attempting to use other social media outlets because it does appear that Facebook is not an outlet that is going to welcome us back any time soon. I wonder whether we'll ever find out Why?

For now, we are going to splash "The Series Facebook Banned" all over our covers and website though because, while are polite, we do not take shennangins lying down.

We like to apply a favourite saying of ours to these circumstances;

"If the powerful are trying to stop you, if they throw you out and silence your voice, then you are obviously doing something right..."

Maybe what we thought was clever fictions and keen observations are a little more than that?

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