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Lilith. Night Demon and Haunter of small children. First wife to Adam and first demon to exist outside of the control of The Creator. Only First Being in Creation who has chosen no side.

Exiled herself to Earth and rumoured to be queen of a realm none but she and her many children know of.

Is not directly opposed to The Creator but is opposed to the human race as she feels she had the right of true motherhood stolen from her.

Is observing Sable, Asmodeus and Lorasta.

Mistrusts both Lucifer and the loyal angels such as Michael equally. 

Trusts Uriel and Raphael as she claims they are "the only honest ones left".

(The Queen
of Heaven)

Lilith. The first wife of Adam who refused to submit to her husband, believing herself his equal as they were made together from the same dust. She then fled the Garden and refused to return, hiding in a cave where it is said she mated with demons and bred a race of monsters. This is a libellous lie; she made them from the raw stuff of the void and has laid with no man since Adam.

After she heard how Eve had replaced her and became the submissive wife she had refused to be. She vowed to bring suffering and sickness to their children and heirs forever, unless the child was protected by an amulet, bearing the name of one of the one angel who had treated her well, a concession she felt to be right. She became a demon of the night as bitterness, unfortunately consumed both her soul and her beauty. She is no longer what she once was. 


It is rumoured that she is still bearing demon-spawn but no-one had ever confirmed that. Considered by many to be the first feminist, she was edited out of the Bible in case women got any bright ideas into their heads. It is said she is one of two beings that Lucifer is afraid or, at least, unsure about.

True to her nature and pride she will submit to no man, not even to Lucifer. He and his fellow Fallen have approached her many times but she has firmly and politely asked them to bother her not. She continues as she was, a demon of the night who causes sickness in the young and night lust in men. She is said to be the mother of the incubi and succubi and other demons outside of Lucifer's control. It is said she exists outside even the control of The Creator in a land beyond Creation and Heaven, in a piece of nothing The Creator forgot about.

She rarely appears on Earth but has been sighted in human form near Atlanta and Washington D.C. Fifty years ago, she was seen in Albuquerque, observing Asmodeus from a distance. It is rumoured she has been spotted recently in Atlanta; following first Lorasta then Sable. She has an interest in Asmodeus but they have never been associates; she considers the "filthy little dwarf" crass and unclean but she feels a small affinity towards him and his activities. Lilith has been seen watching but has not approached anyone. 

It is unclear what her plans are, if she indeed has any aside from her usual ones and fulfilling her self-assigned role.

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