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Lorasta - nephilim hybrid, 5th generation. Shape Shifter. Renewable mortal. Stigoi-Dacian Olympic Strain.

Member of Asmodeus' quickly growing 'Pack' of shifters.

Not imnmortal like some nefs. Lorasta is a soul-eater and remains immortal by consuming the souls of her victims.

Highly and secretly intelligent.

Possessed of a truly perfect and flawless memory.

Of either Puerto Rican or Dominican descent, she does not remember.

Originally a native of rural Georgia, USA.


Lorasta, what can we say about her? Asmodeus has quite a lot to say it would seem, though he keeps most of it to himself. She's a 5th Generation nephilim hybrid and a shifter who has little control over their changes of shape. The ability was passed in the DNA but the disciple was not.  She also didn't inherit the immortality part, only means to extend her mortality perhaps indefinitely; by eating souls.


Some call this nephilim line the strigoi; coming from the old language of Dacia, modern-day Romania. That land was visited by the nephilim fleeing the Fall of Atlantis; those who masqueraded as the Greek Gods and Titans. Sable was among them but he left rather quickly. Rumours of the lamia and other such night demons spread soon after that. It was said they drank the despair of their victims before tearing out and devouring their souls. It was not until much later that the words for blood and soul got confused and vampires were invented.


Lorasta is not a vampire. Despite the fact that Asmodeus has nicknamed her and The Pack "the fluffies"; neither she nor they are werewolves. Those too are a later invention based on a complete misunderstanding regarding nephilim shifters. Her 'feeding form', when hunger causes her to lose control, may look canine but it looks like a great many things, it's hard to give it a name. Scary with lots and lots of teeth is the general consensus.


Lorasta herself likes people to judge her by her more human appearance. She has the look of a woman of mixed race of around 27 years of age. She's actually closer to ninety years old. Considered young for a nephilim she hangs with the youthful shifter crowd but remains on the edges of their lifestyle and culture. She and The Pack fell in with Julian around five years ago. She is deeply intelligent and very skilled at hiding that fact. Being considered dumb and beautiful is safer she found.


It was in escaping abuse in her adolescence that she discovered she was diferent; many wild nephilim 'powers' manifest around the onset of puberty. After feeding on her abuser she fled and disappeared. She learned to be very good at not being found and Asmodeus is curious whether a previously unobserved nephilim trait is responsible for that.


Lorasta is dangerous in that she sees and remembers everything. She has an eidetic memory and the brains to know what that means. One must be careful what one tells her because she will remember it later when it is useful.


After her abuse and learning of her abilities; Lorasta gave up on sex entirely. After one has consumed a soul, sex is no comparison. She does not use it as a weapon or means of advancement because she really doesn't think about it anymore. Asmodeus amuses her with his clumsily lustful ways but attracts her not at all.

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