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Cù Na Æn (Wolf of the Dawn). 1st Generation human-nephilim hybrid. Abilities and skills unknown though is a functional immortal. 

Veteran of the Nephilim War of 700 A.D. and associate of Gilgamesh.

Former Hyborean tribesman and adventurer. Has been seen as far afield as Northern Russia and Mongolia. 

Mercenary work used as a cover to locate and observe nephilim and Fallen military activities.

Has been seen in Atlanta, GA and various locations around the US and Middle East. Was present at the Jerusalem Incident of 1994 and is rumoured to have rescued Sable.

Current location and activities unknown.

Cù Na Æn

Cù Na Æn (known as Conan to people that don't speak Hyborean; pretty everyone except him) is a warrior and adventurer from the now-drowned valleys of Doggerland; a region known as Hyborea to the Atlanteans who would often raid it and contend with the tribes native to the area. Doggerland and Hyborea were rich in gold, palladium and antinomy, as well as the various minerals and crystals the Altan ladies prized. 


Cù (wolf in the language of his people) knew of the nephilim from an early age. A permanent fortress/training camp was established near to his home village so raids for either recruiting 'involuntary migrant workers' (northern Hyboreans were prized for their strength and durability) or 'bloodings' for young nephilim were common. It is rumoured that he killed nine nephilim in such a blooding and would have made his score ten had the tenth not been Sable.

It was thought that Sable killed the young but instead he learned something important; the Hyborean was the son of one of the garrison from the fortress; one of the first human-nephilim hybrids. His people called him a half-demon but Sable felt a fellowship with young Cù; the only descendant of the Fallen who was possessed of honour and values so like his own. He spared young Cù and had him flee into the icy wastes. When the Flood came, Cù was climbing the mountain which his people called Shetney, which abruptly became a windswept and isolated island. He lived there in solitude until he heard of the mysterious sage Enoch and sought him out in his cave.

He met Gilgamesh and together they led the army of heroes in 700 AD and Cù, like the war itself, was lost to history.


He reappeared in Atlanta in modern times as an actor going by the name of Howard (Howie) R. Blackridge. He has appeared in several popular movies including three which were actually about his life; two starring 'that muscular Austrian fellow' and another with 'that Hawaiian with the dreadlock beard.' He has never forgiven a certain famous author for just how much he changed the stories that he gave him...

Independent nephilim hunter and sometime colleague of Gilgamesh.



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