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Irina & Magda, Madga & Irina, it doesn't matter because no-one can tell which is which.

Strongly believed to be a be a previously unclassified type of nephilim.

Last seen on the run towards MARTHA bus station in Decatur

Magda and Irina
(The Twins)

Little is known about twins Magda and Irina. They are identical in every way. They appear to be between 8-10 years old. They are Eastern European in origin. They have white blonde hair and are so pale as to be almost transparent. Their eyes make you feel...well...sort of uncomfortable in a way you can't quite put your finger on...distant nails on a chalk-board....


Nobody knows where they are from, how old they really are or what they actually are. They rarely speak, preferring to stare at you until you get uncomfortable enough to forget what you wanted to ask them about. They have an uncanny ability to be out of the way of danger seconds before it arrives. They are never seen apart and, on the rare occasions they do speak, you end up wishing they'd stayed silent as they speak in flawlessly synchronised stereo.


It has been theorised that they are a very rare form of Shifter/Mimic/Other-Type-Thing which has been spoken about in whispers for centuries but never directly observed. Dr. Ataran would rupture himself if he could get them into his lab.

Asmodeus, oddly, appears to be simultaneously repelled and enchanted by the apparent little girls, as well as quite protective of them. Julian hates them and says that they do strange things to his head. Oddly, they appear to like him and have even told him what they really are. 

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