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Dr Benjamin Ataran

It is not known if that is really his name or if he even exists because nobody has ever seen his face. At least, so the stories say, no-one has seen him and lived. Maybe some have but they have returned in no condition to talk about him. They call him Doctor Death because if you break any one of the few rules which govern such a lawless society, his face is probably going to be the last you will ever see.


The punishment for traitors, murderers (only of other nephilim, humans don't count), those guilty of treason is always death. It is claimed that it is Ataran who will guide you to Sheol's doors with his tender ministrations.

It is said also that Abaddon is Lucifer's enforcer, that those who have the price of failure to pay or a traitor's wages to collect know that he will one day knock upon their door. They know the account is going to be settled either on a Watch-Dog's bullet or, perhaps, upon Dr Death's operating table.


Stories of the things Ataran has done are too numerous to all be true. They are too terrible, too impossible to believe. It is odd that a race of beings which is responsible for all of the bogeyman myths should have such a bugbear of their own don't you think?  Perhaps partly human is human enough.


Rumours of Ataran's "experiments" are almost as infamous as his punishments. In fact, many say, the two are one and the same. The darkest rumour of all is related to our friends the Watch-Dogs. How can it be that 'Dogs are lost in combat or to accidents yet there are always fifty of them, never more and never less. They say that it the 'Dogs are an entirely unique type of nephilim because Ataran made them. He made them out of material left over from abandoned experiment. It is whispered that there is a room, hidden behind the walls of his laboratory, filled with glass tubes in which a thing resides, waiting for its time to enter the world. Those same whisperers say this is the future Lucifer dreams of an has been working so hard to create. That his 'improvements' to the human race did not stop with the nephilim, that the Watch-Dogs are an important step along that road. 


Seeing as nobody knows - at least knows that they know, anonymity is a wonderful commodity, he could be working right next to you using another name - what he looks like, nobody knows where he is right now. It is said that only four living beings - the multitude of humans he has likely worked around do not count, they don't even know what they are looking at - have seen his face and lived; Lucifer, Abaddon, Asmodeus and Sable. Ataran is said to be at least partly responsible for Sable's current misfortunes. Asmodeus has been heard to say that what he saw in Ataran's 'playroom' that day....


"His eyes are like nothing I've seen, the eyes of a shark or some subaquatic monster; a dead one because nothing alive could have eyes so devoid of life. As he works, not a flicker of emotion passes across that wax-still face of his. Nothing at all except for the faintest hint of a shadow of a smile. He is enjoying the pain, I am sure of it but not one sign of that enjoyment shows on his face. He's so cold that there things on the bottom of lakes under mountains that are warmer. Damnation, he makes Lucifer seem like a damn barrel of laughs!"


Asmodeus has added that, even for him, to whom pain is the bringer of many delights, it was too much. Abaddon, who enjoys pain in others as much as the next cold-hearted psychopath, says he has needed to leave the room on at least one occasion as he 'observed' a procedure 'in order to learn and study' as he puts it. 


Though Abaddon is suspected to be currently based in New Mexico at USAF ACARI (Artificial Climate Agricultural Research Institute); an innocuous-looking facility in the middle of the empty desert. Ten miles below the earth, Ataran is said to be working on something truly game-changing. Something important enough for Lucifer to first send Asmodeus and his "doggies" then go himself at great risk. Something huge, they say.

Abaddon and a number of his Watch-Dogs were recently spotted at the scene of an alleged 'gang battle' in Atlanta and someone matching the very sketchy description we have of Ataran was seen poking around at the bodies. 


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