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The Writing Paladins

Or the self-appointed Gatekeepers of the writing world.

#randomthought for the day.

On writing.

The more I spend time which should really be devoted to writing or, at least, WIP related activities, the more I see what I, personally, consider to be a quite insidious and, perhaps insipid intruder into the world of the aspiring writer; a virus if you like.

Like a virus, it is shared with new users who then come to believe it as truth and, once they complete what might be considered their 'apprenticeship', they go on to pass this sage advice onto the next inquiring new member of that group. Or perhaps other groups...

One forgets that opinions and rules are two entirely different things.

I refer to, of course, the much vaulted "Rules" of writing which are so commonly referred to as gospel to us all. To be frank (or perhaps Steve for a moment), I find them disproportionately irritating and, am ashamed to admit, find myself compelled to compose the odd diatribe when I see a decent fledgling writer get his or her (or zis,zer, schmer or their) much agonised over virgin piece taken apart by the always hungry and rabid jaws of the what I amusingly (to myself at least) call the Writing Paladins.

Obviously (to some), I do not refer to those who may throw the odd curse, blessing, occasional exorcism or general combat magic at people. I refer to those who are rigid, unwavering Crusaders for the Cause of Writing Right! (Exclamation mark added as place-holder for self-righteous, suitably heroic gesture). I refer to those to whom all writing must follow "The Rules" without exception.

They never seem to ask where these "Rules" actually came from or who decided they are worthy of transitioning from 'ideas' or 'opinions' into 'rules'. Nobody asked me, for a start but, then, I am pretty much used to that by now, after four decades of my great wisdom being unfairly ignored or maligned.

I don't's ok...*sniff*

I digress...that's against the rules too.

So, to the meat (or meat-substitute, let's remember not to offend anyone) of the matter then?

The - aha - Rules...