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The Rise of Conspiracy (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

When we set out, four years ago now, to write a series of books - to create a universe in fact - where the world is actually being controlled not only by a satanic elite but by The Satanic Elite, we had suspected that there would be some resistance to some of the ideas there presented, obviously.

What we never expected was for the world to try and outdo us; taking all the storylines and ideas we'd discarded as just too unlikely and over-the-top, and running with them. Some might say that this shows us the main difference between new-to-the-art creative writers and the experienced...

Though I am writing fiction I, at least, try to make it somewhat credible!

These days, in my research of secret societies, shadow government conspiracies, out in the open government conspiracies...I can barely keep up! Even politicians are backing and disseminating them!

Of course, Rule #1 of any conspiracy is that once it becomes mainstream, it is doomed because conspiracy theories, like those things they claim to seek to expose, thrive best in the shadows. We all know Q, for example, has been dying for a while now and will soon be dead. In its shadows, on the fringes of the internet and social media, it experienced little to now analysis or criticism. Now, in the light, it can freely be picked apart and dissected until people see how few actual bones they have and wander off, disappointed, in search of something new very few people know "the truth" about.

We have spent a great many hours and years in the study of conspiracy theories and one conclusion we reached quickly was that there are so gosh-darned many of them! There was absolutely no way we could explore and develop all of them.

The idea we had fallen upon to anchor The Chronicles of Enoch in the real world was to take existing conspiracy theories and not only explore them but also reveal that they were merely a shell, an empty distraction, for an even greater conspiracy; a magician's trick to take one's eyes off what he was really doing.

We gave this job to Asmodeus, to manufacture all of the popular conspiracy theories and manage the distractions which hid the truth of Fallen Angels running the world in secret as well as demons and monsters running free about the Earth. In order to make him convincing, to give his work some credibility, we had to understand what a conspiracy theory is and how they work. Not only how they work, though, but how they catch on.