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The Facebook Conspiracy?

I am not a suspicious man but the more I think about it, the more blank walls and dead ends I encounter, the more I wonder.

Over the past 24 hours, I have posted what I considered fictional articles on conspiracy and controĺling the populace through information espionage - it was a logical conclusion arrived at by observation. Certain real organisations and events were inferred to somewhat.

Within 24 hours of widely sharing these articles like I've shared countless others, I am incapable of accessing Facebook. I am requested to enter a phone number from 5 years ago which I know I updated. I tried to sign up with other email addresses and reactivate an old account and was stopped by "security concerns". I sent emails, filled forms, reset passwords, nothing.

I am what they call shadow-banned from what has been my best source of exposure. But why? How is that possible and what is happening?

It would appear I've upset somebody, that something The Chronicles of Enoch had to say is not liked by Facebook. Have we actually achieved the controversy we joked about not looking for?

The article we shared the second this started contains those very words...

The problem is that they've cut us off not only from our Chronicles audience but also from family we can communicate with no other way.

As I said, it is both odd and suspicious in it's timing...

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