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The Evolution of The Chronicles

We have, over the past few days, been making so changes; some of them small, others larger.

We have updated our domained website and redesigned that completely, making it mobile device friendly as well as carrying our some slight design changes.

We then decided to impliment something potentially major; consistency.

What does this mean? Well, The Chronicles of Enoch is going to be a series, an idea, a "brand" of sorts. It needs, therefore, a consistent image so that people can look at, for example, the cover of a book and know it is a part of our series.

We have, therefore, created a logo.

It took a long time to decide on what that logo would entail and, we admit, we are pleased with the end result and hope you are too.

We began with the Enochian alphabet, which many of our followers may be familiar with from both the previous Chronicles of Enoch website and other materials. For those who are, as it were, in the know, this is the alphabet the prophet Enoch is said to have brought to Earth from his journeys to Heaven. It is, effectively, the written language of the angels, he said.

We began with the letters C, O, and E for obvious reasons. After much experimentation in combining these characters into a form of monogram, we came up with something which amost resembles the Buddhist 'Om' or name of God/sound of the universe. We like concordance (and hate the term coincidence) and find this pleasingly fitting. It shares, perhaps, a theme, and does not resemble that sacred symbol exactly but represents, perhaps, a step towards it?

Then we added a magical Enochian circle because, well, magic is involved in the Chronicles somewhat, especially the magic of spirits etc. What resulted, with much adjustment, was something that looks almost mechanical, an ancient brass and gold device of some description, which we also find fitting.

Perhaps we may animate this resulting image and reinforce that impression....

One day...

Overall, The Chronicles of Enoch now has a brand, as it were. The five books of the main series will follow a variation of the designs we have recently posted - changes in colour schemes, slight variation to the icon in the centre, and so forth. We will alter the look of each cover so that it fits the topic and feel of the volume. The cover for Darkness Within, we feel, embodies just that, the darkness existing just below the surface of the image; present and influencing but not necessarily obvious.

In conclusion; we hope that you are all pleased with the results of this re-design and enjoying the feel of the Chronicles now. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, those changes are significant and, to some, shocking. To those of you who are newer to our world, we hope they are pleasing.

As ever, we appreciate and encourage your involvement and feedback, please tell us what you think, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

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