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Lilith - Birth of The Goddess

In the beginning there was The Creator and the Creator was the Word and the Word was....what?

Later on, man and woman were made...then something went from, they scrubbed that line out and started again, this time making woman out of a piece of man for reasons known only to them but we can guess, we think...

Into the pristine Garden, LIlith stepped, her feet wanting to dance from the sheer joy of it even then, she felt the power of Life filling her and was sure nothing could steal this happiness from her.

As is so often the case, Lilith was wrong.

Adam seemed like a nice enough lad, incredibly attractive, even compared to the angels who were beautiful beyond words, but there was something a she couldn't put her finger on.

Nobody needed to explain the whole procreation thing when night fell, that is what he and she were for after all, to fill this garden with more of their kind and give The Creator joy at the same time. He had given her a part of His ability to Create and she both treasured and was terrified by the gravity of such a gift.

So, as the moment came and Lilith surrendered to her natural passions, he stopped her, at completely the wrong moment too.

"I have been speaking to Gabriel," he said, apropos of nothing. "Who told me of The Creator's thoughts on our relationship."

Lilith was puzzled. The Creator would greet them daily, share a few words with them here and there, remind them not to eat the peaches from that big tree over there, and so forth. Some of the angels liked to chat but they were very busy with the the rest of Creation these days. Why would The Creator show an interest now?

"What did he say?" she managed, burying her frustration with an effort.

"Well - " Adam began, quite nervous and with the words that followed came an event which, according to many, changed the flow of human history.

Later, as she sat in her new cave, watching the dance of shadows on the rough walls from the fire she'd eventually figured out to make. She was dirty, she was tired, she was hungry, and she was....she was...she did not know what she was....

Angry? Well yes, obviously...the sheer cheek of those people!

Upset? Who wouldn't be? Was it that little snake between his legs that made him think he was better?

Betrayed? Well obviously also, The Creator had given a long speech about her ability to create new Life as He can and how proud He was to gift this unto her. It had included a lot of thees, thous, heretofores, and the sort of Language he used when he was happy.