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Here, we join Enoch and Sable on one of their earlier adventures. It would appear that Sable had thought to teach him quite an important lesson but only managed to ruin his robes and nearly get him flattened.

Enoch decided to ask the question which had been nibbling at the back of his mind for a while. How had Sable just appeared right when Enoch had needed to exactly when he'd needed it? Had Sable been following him?

"No, Enoch I was spying out that patrol and you just happened to cross my path." He laughed and raised an eyebrow. "Or The Creator sent you into my path as that stupid lad said."

Enoch ignored the obvious sarcasm and agreed that this was likely. He was still interested about what had brought Sable to this country in the first place. Enoch was of the opinion that he seemed to know his way around quite well.

Sable looked over to the stand of what were probably the last vertical trees for miles around and grinned. "You're about to find out." He said cryptically with a grin.

The tops of the rather tall trees were waving as if stirred by a brisk breeze, only there was no breeze. Something was making them do that, something rather large ... oh dear! He realised that he would probably regret asking that question earlier, he usually did when Sable was around. Speaking of Sable...

The Nephilim had run out onto the churned land close to the little wood. He had drawn his swords and was waving them in the air. He was also screaming at the top of his lungs in a language Enoch did not recognise. There was something almost familiar about the words, but he could not place them. He did his best to reconstruct them;

"Gå! Lakuna mácà semba, ke!" Sable yelled at the trees as if they would answer. "Geleh pala kume mah lekka!"

Enoch stayed right where he was and watched this with a very bemused expression on his face. He sat down and pile of earth to watch his crazy friend be crazy. He heard what sounded like thunder in the distance and looked up at the sky; it was clear and blue; he could see no clouds anywhere. It sounded almost like... no, that couldn't be right...

"Makâla felu mesa kå!" Sable bellowed. Was he replying to the thunder now? Enoch began to wonder whether Sable had actually gone terribly mad, were his actions yesterday not at all spiritual and actually due to a broken mind?

Again, there was a noise of thunder ... no sounded like words ... "Fee Fi Fo Fum!" Enoch thought he heard, followed by unintelligible rumblings.

"Fyafe Kiloh Ful?" Sable echoed, still waving his swords. "Naka hëla fyè sah muh!"

There was a bellow like nothing Enoch had ever heard before followed by the splintering of and cracking of trees. The earth shook and Enoch realised he had stood up only when the moving ground made him fall down onto his behind painfully. Panic seized him as he thought back to what Sable had described the Flood being like round the campfire last night that the earth shook and broke before the waters - and the angels - came to destroy the land of his home. Was Heaven coming for Moab now too? As was his habit he looked around for options; there really were none.

It was when he looked at where all the racket was coming from that Enoch felt his bladder loosen against his will for the second time in as many days. It came from the trees, bellowing and booming. It was as tall as the trees and hugely muscled. Enoch forgot his shame and struggled to rise, the desire to run was overpowering but his legs would not obey him. The giant, easily ninety feet tall came out from the trees, pushing them aside like they were grass. It was bellowing and spitting with incoherent rage. As Enoch watched it took hold of a tree, a big and long one and easily tore it out by its roots. It weighted its new club and thundered across the plain to where Sable was calmly waiting, swords held loosely in his hands. A tree! A big whole tree! It was using a tree as a club and Sable was waiting to fight it - for his words had clearly enraged it - with splinters! Enoch was now completely convinced that the Nephilim had lost his mind.

The giant surged toward Sable, swinging his cudgel as he came, bellowing what Enoch was sure were withering obscenities. Sable did not move. He simply adjusted his stance a little, widening his legs, shifting his feet a bit, he swung is swords and appeared to take, hold and then slowly release a breath, it looked like his lips were moving but Enoch heard nothing. Twenty seconds, it could be no more ... Enoch did not see what happened. One moment Sable was at his ease, apparently muttering away to himself the next, the giant swept by and Sable had swarmed up its back. It bellowed even more now, swinging the tree round and round. Enoch narrowly escaped losing his head, he was sure time slowed, like one was moving through syrup as he watched the tree trunk pass within inches of his face, and he fell onto his back and stayed there. The ground continued to shake and, this close, the giant's screams were deafening, making his teeth feel funny. A foot the size of a cart smashed down into the ground beside him and Enoch regarded it stupidly, not really knowing what to think. He observed the foot coverings of wound cloth or leather. He remembered thinking oddly why giants wouldn't have giant shoemakers or tailors for this one wore nothing more than a huge loincloth of who knows what material. He could see its toes through the 'shoes' it wore and was sure even the pinkie toe was longer than he was.

Halfway through his study Enoch realised what a stupid idea this was as the immense foot rose and crashed down even closer. He scrambled backward .and tried to get to his feet, but he was just digging holes in the loose soil. I am going to die! He realised. Squashed flat by something I hadn't believed in until it killed me. Murdered by accident as a giant is trying to get my insane friend off its back. This close the stink of it was immense. A powerful earthy and musky stench mixed with offal and refuse. Enoch fought to resist the urge to gag and tasted blood him his mouth. He had bitten deep into his tongue in his panic ... He started to laugh, the complete strangeness of the situation and his panic subsided, replaced by a very curious calm. He breathed, only then realising he had not been and was starting to feel light-headed. With a strange kind of detachment, he watched the foot move away, felt the booms and shaking of the ground but heard nothing. Had the roaring giant deafened him? No, he could hear the pounding of his own sounded like the ocean at night only sped up. Slowly and with great care he got to his feet and began to back up as unnoticeably as he could. The giant was not looking down at him though; it was trying to find Sable. The further away Enoch got, the more he saw. What he saw was beyond even his ability with words to describe.

Sable had dug his swords into the creature's back and was struggling to hold on as the giant wove and jerked about, keeping himself flat or occasionally letting go of one sword to slash at a questing hand if it got too close. He had positioned himself in what Enoch called they can't quite reach the itch spot though; all the huge and blunt fingers could do was brush him. He clung on grimly, waiting for his chance. The giant was tiring and breathing heavily. Blood was running for a multitude of small cuts and gashes Sable had made embedded swords too, caused rivers of life-stuff to steam down its back. The Nephilim waited Enoch found he was holding his breath again, frozen to the spot. Sable adjusted his grip on one sword; the giant was sagging and breathing like a hurricane, sweat pouring down its flesh. It rested its house-sized hands on its thighs. Carefully Sable prepared. The giant was clearly exhausted now, Enoch almost felt sorry for it until he remembered the stories he had heard about them. Sable tore first one, then the other sword loose, held both in one hand and, dug in his knife instead, clinging on grimly with just one hand.

Enoch replayed this moment in his head several times later and believed it less with each repetition. With incredible agility, Sable vaulted up onto the top of the monster's head leaving his knife where it was as he took a sword in each hand. The giant, almost falling from exhaustion, took a moment to realise what had happened. A moment was all Sable needed, it seemed. He leapt off the building sized head and executed a twisting backflip in the air, arms held out wide. Time appeared slow down for Enoch again as he marvelled at what happened next. Twisting in mid flip with no apparent effort Sable swung with both arms and buried a sword into each of the giant's temples. The swords bit to the hilt as if not encountering thick skull along the way.

The giant made no sound, it just stood there, humming stupidly to itself, Sable hanging onlike some odd form of headdress. Its eyes crossed, trying to look at him to see what he was. A drop of dark blood easily the size of a horse, fell from its right nostril and hammered into the mud. It was followed by another, then another from the left. Before long, a torrent of bright blood was pouring from both nostrils and running down its chest. A sudden powerful gout of blood struck Sable where he hung and flung him through the air, dropping him in a surprisingly intact tree. The giant chose that moment to fall flat on its face, causing a huge dust cloud to explode into the air and an impact which threw Enoch from his feet and Sable from his tree. The giant was dead.

By the time Enoch absorbed all that he had seen and decided that the giant was definitely not getting back up again, by the time he was sure it was safe enough to walk over to where it lay, Sable was back on his feet and approaching the corpse. He smiled at Enoch as he set a foot to the huge head and pulled his sword out with both hands, his face going bright red, the cords on his neck standing out. He looked like he'd bathed in blood and was swaying slightly, the breath was even but heavy and he had an odd look in his eye. Saying nothing he cleaned his sword of blood and brains with the giant's hair and sheathed it, moving around to, with equal effort free his other blade. As he cleaned this one the same way, he looked at Enoch and smiled again. His eyes were glazed, Enoch realised and staring at nothing. He continued to smile. “That was my fav’rite knife an’ tha’ big bugger s’gone an’ broke it!” Sable slurred drunkenly. He gestured behind him and made to step over to the old man but fell instead into a heap beside the dead giant.

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