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Full name: Antoine Francisco Nez McCullogh. 5th generation nephilim zooantrope.


Former World champion wrestler and powerlifter.


Started his own Gym called "Bear Bodies" just outside of Atlanta in 2002. It is still open and managed by a cousin.


The second founding member of the Wolf Pack together with Julian.


Became Lorasta's "big brother" and unofficial protector after she joined the pack. Was nervous of the twins but protective of them too. He said it's because he grew up surrounded by girls.


Oddly enough, he became even more protective once Asmodeus appeared on the scene.


Was heard saying that he wanted to shift and squash Asmodeus' head on several occasions.

Antoine "Ice-Bear" McCullough

Antoine McCullough is not a name that fans of wrestling and power-lifting are unfamiliar with. He was successive world champion at both for five years running between 1994-1999 before retiring. He retired due to an injury obtained during a relatively major car crash; starting up a popular chain of gyms in Atlanta before, rather abruptly, handing everything over to his cousin.


That is the official story you will get  from his former agent; Benicio Santiago of Las Vegas.


The unofficial truth, of course, is different. That was the year he met Julian and, together, they began to build the Wolf-Pack; the name was actually his idea. "Sounds official and sounds menacing," he said. Julian was noted to just raise an eyebrow and say nothing.


McCullough is a fifth generation nephilim and, to break the mould of the Pack, he has always known what he is and who his parents are. His father; Arturo Nez; is currently serving with the Shadow-Wolves somewhere in New Mexico and is a third generation nephilim of direct Tohono O'odham Nation descent. His mother is a fourth generation from Toronto, Canada, of the Temagami First Nation; Mildred Black-Bear. Both still live on the Temagami reservation of Bear Island in Northern Ontario though his father is often away on duty.


It is from his mother that Antoine got his black bear form and also his African colouring and features. Mildred's father was an African American former solider by the name of Oswald McCullough from Gary, Indiana, who met his wife-to-be Francesca Blue-Feather while visiting the reservation during a vacation in the area. He never left, he married Francesca, applied for and was granted citizenship and settled down to raise what would be six children. 


McCullough is a Zooanthrope, meaning he can shift between human and animal forms at will or, sometimes if threatened or enraged. His 'totem' or alternate form is that of the Northern Black Bear. While choosing his wrestling name he debated calling himself "Black Bear" to honour his mother and because that's what he is but a friend told him that would sound like a gay title so he settled on "Ice-Bear"; part rapper, part big scary guy, he liked it.

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