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The Stranger


The Stranger is just that. He will show up at meetings of The Horsemen and their associates but nobody remembers either seeing his face or anything he says. Just an indefinable uneasy and nervous feeling. Few even remember him being there. It is like they just edit him out of their memory.


He will appear suddenly and leave just as unexpectedly, if he is seen at all. Many have described feelings of unease, doubting one's worthiness and dwelling upon the errors of the past when he was suspected to be present. This is coming from some of the most confident and narcissistic beings in existence.


It is rumoured - though never spoken aloud in his presence - that  The Stranger makes even Lucifer nervous.


He (it?) is most often seen  - and this is a rare even because most people only even see a vague rumour of presence - as a distant silhouette of a figure; a man wearing a coat and a wide-brimmed hat. There have claims by some that they have met the creature 'in person' as it were. It is described as being close to seven feet tall and immaculately dressed. It wears a black leather hat, long leather 'duster' style jacket, leather trousers and tooled leather boots. Described as a 'the really Dark Detective look' by some, "rich cowboy biker" by others.


Alleged witnesses claim to recall different aspects to its appearance but all agree on two things; where a face should be there is nothing but an empty void; the deepest shadow imaginable which no light source can pierce. Also whatever this creature is, it loves to smoke; always having odd-smelling black cigarettes in its possession. It is rumoured to have a black metal case which never gets empty. 

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