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Shadow Wolves - The Chronicles of Enoch
Shadow Track - The Chronicles of Enoch
Wolf Shadow - The Chronicles of Enoch
Shadow Hunters - The Chronicles of Enoch
The Shadow-Wolves

Members of the Tohono O'odham Nation make up most of this elite tracking unit which was created by the Department of Homeland Security in 1973. All members are to be at least one-quarter Native and also carry the Golden Helix to no more than the third generation. Why would this unit be classified as First, you may ask, if there are 3rd Gens among them? We're talking replacements and recruits here, the Founding Fifteen as they're called, they are pure 1st Gen. You see some Natives are more Native than others and some Atlantans who made it free looked quite a lot like the people they encountered upon finding land. These fifteen - along with the rest of the survivors that were with them - all joined the Tohono O'odham Nation and, many centuries later, decided that the old maxim about joining if unable to beat was both useful and wise. Again, anonymity has its uses. It seems that to most Federal authorities and employees, one Native looks pretty much like another and one Native name sounds a lot like any other. This means the Founding Fifteen - plus their seven new recruits - keep serving and keep patrolling.


Just because a fellow started out Dark, it doesn't mean that he can't change, right? None of Lucifer's nor Abaddon's sneaks are able to find them either because the best trackers are also the best at hiding from other trackers and the Shadow-Wolves are the best trackers alive


Suspected to be somewhere between Southern Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico, more or less. It is rumoured that one of the Watch-Dogs at USAF-ACARI  swore they saw something which later turned out to be nothing, they think a few weeks ago. It almost looked like a man but then it was gone and left no sign or spoor behind.


Unit Motto "We are Always Watching, We are Vigilant." ​

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