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The Rumours of Writer's Block

Writer's block...

It is a term which strikes terror into the hearts of many a fledgling writer. Like the name of some bogeyman, it has them scuttling for safety, desperately clutching their manuscript to their chest in case it gets infected.

But what is Writer's Block? I mean, what is it really?

As with everything that involves humans (especially creative ones), there is much debate - some of it quite aggressive - on the matter.

As you have come to expect from us; our opinion is rather controversial and goes somewhat against the grain, as it were.

We will start by going off on an apparent tangent;

Writing your Blogs and your Posts

You may or may not be aware that it is recommended that, in order to get people interested in your work and so forth, you should post on your blog or Facebook (or similar) page at least once a day. No more than thrice but at least once is my recommendation.

We'll talk about what we call the 'Writer's Toolkit' later on.

The point is, you need to write a post of decent enough length and which at least you think is interesting once a day. Reinforcing your brand, sharing news about your progress, your day, the humours of your cats, dogs, children, spouse. Your mental state that day, what you ate and how you cooked it, something like this; it really depends on what kind of audience you have and what you kind of audience you want to have. The odd post and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can't go astray either.

There may well be days when you don't feel like that or no topic appears to suggest itself to you. You start writing a few words or looking for suitable pictures and...nothing. It can happen and it is rather frustrating when it happens.

What do you do? Curl up and forget about posting that day because nothing is coming to you?

Well, obviously that is the wrong answer but you did think about it before replying so thank you for that!

Now, the sharper among you may well see where I am going already. This was not a tangent at all. This was, perhaps, what