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Programming the Populace

Eat well. No Fat. Less Sugar. Slim = Sexy = Rich = Love!

Drink and make friends.

Do this. Do Not That.

Beware Those People but Trust These.

Those who are considered 'poor' or 'inferior' in any society have always considered wealth and the possession of fine things to be the measure of betterment. They have seen the fine clothes, dwellings, and trappings of their 'betters' or the successful and secretly covet. They think that, if they could just have some of that, everything would be better and they would find happiness.

Obviously, they're completely and utterly wrong.

Money doesn't buy happiness even if it can rent it for a while.

No, money comes and goes, fortunes rise and wane; overnight a billionaire can become a pauper and never recover; money is just numbers and paper; power though, power is what really matters.

Since people have been capable of writing things down, they have held information. knowing the price of wheat in the neighbouring village before going to market helps you plan your purchases along the way so that information has value; all information is valuable if you know how to use it.

One does not stay in power by being rich, wealth draws attention and jealousy, the sharks do love the scent and sight of blood in the water. You will find that those who hold true power are much more anonymous. He could be standing right next to you now and you'd have no idea.

I learned a very long time ago that one person, sitting quietly away from the supposedly powerful can gather quite a lot of information when they either don't think he's listening or isn't worth paying attention to. You thought I developed this inoffensive and amusing appearance for asthetic reasons?

Well, I suppose that demonstrates how well it's working, doesn't it?

The Internet Age

Fifty years ago, the use of information and the gathering of the same was a much more labourious process. A lot more footwork was involved, many more resources and assets. It was a dangerous game of espionage and counter-espionage, cloak and dagger, sneaky and sneakier. The returns on investment were limited and often poor.

Then, some clever Swiss devil decided to invent the internet. Let me explain to you what that was like to someone that has seen civilisation from its distant inception. I've seen libraries burn to the ground and dispaired beca