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Programming the Populace

Eat well. No Fat. Less Sugar. Slim = Sexy = Rich = Love!

Drink and make friends.

Do this. Do Not That.

Beware Those People but Trust These.

Those who are considered 'poor' or 'inferior' in any society have always considered wealth and the possession of fine things to be the measure of betterment. They have seen the fine clothes, dwellings, and trappings of their 'betters' or the successful and secretly covet. They think that, if they could just have some of that, everything would be better and they would find happiness.

Obviously, they're completely and utterly wrong.

Money doesn't buy happiness even if it can rent it for a while.

No, money comes and goes, fortunes rise and wane; overnight a billionaire can become a pauper and never recover; money is just numbers and paper; power though, power is what really matters.

Since people have been capable of writing things down, they have held information. knowing the price of wheat in the neighbouring village before going to market helps you plan your purchases along the way so that information has value; all information is valuable if you know how to use it.

One does not stay in power by being rich, wealth draws attention and jealousy, the sharks do love the scent and sight of blood in the water. You will find that those who hold true power are much more anonymous. He could be standing right next to you now and you'd have no idea.

I learned a very long time ago that one person, sitting quietly away from the supposedly powerful can gather quite a lot of information when they either don't think he's listening or isn't worth paying attention to. You thought I developed this inoffensive and amusing appearance for asthetic reasons?

Well, I suppose that demonstrates how well it's working, doesn't it?

The Internet Age

Fifty years ago, the use of information and the gathering of the same was a much more labourious process. A lot more footwork was involved, many more resources and assets. It was a dangerous game of espionage and counter-espionage, cloak and dagger, sneaky and sneakier. The returns on investment were limited and often poor.

Then, some clever Swiss devil decided to invent the internet. Let me explain to you what that was like to someone that has seen civilisation from its distant inception. I've seen libraries burn to the ground and dispaired because irreplaceable knowledge was lost to the flames. I have seen people cheat, steal, and murder for information I can now access with a quick click of my computer mouse and some strokes on my keyboard. In my book, the wheel only comes a distant second to that. Wheels are great and useful but we still have feet.

The thing is that you can take a horse to the bar but you can't get it to phone a taxi when it's drunk too much.

You can throw a man in a pit full of money and he may well drown while trying to fill his pockets all at once rather than making the sensible decision; staying at the top and tossing small amounts out gradually.

We have already spoken about what appears to be the unavoidable predictability of humans.

Sheeps Vs Wolves

Were one to let him, Sammael would got into great detail on his theories of human evolution. You look shocked...Yes, Sammael was an angel and therefore was there when Creation happened. Yes, he met Adam and Eve, as well as Lilith...eventually. Evolution is real and happened rather like the scientists describe it.

Let me explain it to you as simply as possible and then get back to what I really want to talk about...

Yes, the Bible does indeed talk about how humans and everything else was created; that it took seven days for all that to happen. Let me just remind you that the Creator doesn't exist in the same number of dimensions as you do; for Him a thousand years (or indeed a million) can indeed be as one day. We'll come back to this, I promise but for now I have a lot to tell you.

So, Sammael and his theories of human evolution. It is the apparent concensus among humans that their species evolved for an ancestor held in common with apes such as chimpanzees. Essentially humans are advanced primates and, therefore, the descendents of predators.

Sammael disagrees and I admit that I'm inclined to agree with him. Let me tell you why.

  1. Social acceptance and 'fitting in'. As they mature, humans will go to some incredible lengths to achieve social acceptance and be popular. They will do anything to fit in even if it is damn stupid and could get them killed. They hate change, as a rule, and adapt to it slowly. At least this is how we see most of them.

  2. They are easily influenced by events and, when faced with danger, will panic and engage in behaviour which actually causes more harm than the danger would have

  3. Conformity is encouraged, independent thought and intelligence are seen as suspect, standing out is thought to be dangerous behaviour.

  4. Outsiders are often feared and certain genetic traits are seen as inherantly dangerous.

  5. Subjugation of the female is common and male society appears to encourage this behaviour.

  6. Mob mentality, people will follow the herd despite not knowing exactly why they are doing that. There are leaders and innovators, no question, but they are in a distinct minority.

There could be plenty of others to add to that list but I'd be here all day and, frankly, become as boring as Sammael is. In the Vatican such tediousness of character appears to be both common and encouraged but out here, in the real world, not so much.

His conclusion is this, though; that humans express much more of the traits we associate with prey than we do with predators. This is quite the philosophical conumdrum but, for now, I say he probably does have a point. I've watched them for thousands of years and they really do never learn.

How to Program a Human

We've been doing it for thousands of years, they've even been doing it to themselves! One needs to meet this standard to be considered attractive, this behaviour is not acceptable, ownership is this item provides status, adherance to this doctine means you will be popular...the list goes on and on.

As long as there have been humans, they have been susteptible to manipulation and their behaviour controlled.

There are terrifying examples in history; in Germany in the 1930's, a vicious man and his supporters rose to power by taking advantage of the disenfranchised and poverty-striken; he gave them an enemy, someone to be responsible for their woes, woes which were caused by nobody but those in power and, perhaps, themselves. Tapping into this hatred and power, he carried out an atrocity so great that even Lucifer was enraged by the scale of it.

Across the world, the story is repeated; Rwanda, Uganda, Malaysia, Russia, China, Argentina, individual filled with charisma, rage, and more importantly a target for the disenfranchised rises up and the people watch in passivity as he commits acts that should disgust them.

Some will rise up or resist but, without a leader, nothing is done. The members of the herd fear to lift their head alone and say "This shall no longer stand". It's odd but you see it all the time on smaller scales.

Two trains in London, England...

On one, a group of youths considered by many to be ne'er-do-wells assault an old man in plain sight of commuters. Nobody even raises their eyes and then, when a conscientious citizen attempts to defend said gentleman, he becomes the youths' victim as a dozen pairs of eyes very intentionally see nothing.

On the other, a group of youths, cans of beer in hand, become host to an argument between a woman and her 'partner'. He becomes abusive, threatening, and raises his hand in violence. One passenger rises to his feet and pushes the girl gently out of the way, placing himself between the two. Three fellow male passengers join him and the conflict is ended.

Two vehicles, two groups of people, two men determined to do the right thing, one is supported, the other is not. Why the difference?

It is not my problem, they say until, one day, it is them who needs help.

In order to see just how like herd animals humans are, Sammael with continue, one has simply to look at their team sporting events, rock concerts, and political rallies. There do we see the herd, the mob, at its most obvious.

At the fore of all that, what we do not see is those who direct and benefit from such behaviour.

It has been said that 'the people' easily outnumber 'the Man' several hundred to one, if not more. Were one man or woman to stand up in the face of injustice, others could follow until those numbers are felt but it does not happen like that often.

People prefer to live their live in quiet quasi-isolation, repeating the same routine day after day, resisting any change to that routine with casual aggression, they will lower their heads and feed in ignorance of all others for fear of being seen and marked by the predator.


Of course this is my opinion; that of one who has seen thousands of humans live and die, civilisations rise and fall, wars ravage, monsters blame us (or the 'other side') for their excesses and horrors when we simply watch in a kind of awed or horrified disbelief.

Often the human race has instructed us demons with its inventive cruelty and brutality; it has committed acts too much for even Abaddon to stomach easily, it has bought Lucifer's ire and guaranteed future punishment. The human race not only invented Hell but they installed it upon the Earth itself.

There is no distant land with lakes of fire and eternal suffering for the entertainment of demons and the damned, if we're banished, we languor in sheol for a time, in empty mists and distant noises of the confused and lost, to return back to where we were before, the place where all the 'joys' of Hell are present though in less livid relief.

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