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Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel, the second of the quad of archangels; formally made up of Lucifer, Michael, Rafael, Raguel and himself. Gabriel is the messenger of the Creator and will often manifest in order to deliver commands or revelations to mankind. It is said that Gabriel has a degree of foresight and receives literal revelations on matters of great import. It is rumoured that he saw Lucifer's rebellion coming and ran in panic to the Creator in order to warn him. Of course, the Creator already knew and was mustering a convocation of angels. 


Gabriel is considered to be the most beautiful of the archangels by almost everyone. People forget the sexless nature of angels because of the crime of the Fallen. They forget that angels have an androgynous appearance and beauty. Why they are called "he" is more a reflection of our society than the angels themselves. Regardless of this, it is said that to see Gabriel is to love him, so great is his beauty.


Though people see him as rather serious, this is while he is going about his duties, so a grim aspect is part of the job. In reality, he is always ready with a  smile and a joke or two.  That is the second reason he is so loved;  his infectious personality. It was said that he and Lucifer used to be very close and that Gabriel, of all the angels, will be the last to forgive him. That is why he refuses any command to meet with the traitor and insists Michael go instead. 

Gabriel; archangel and messenger of the Creator.

Most beautiful of all the angels and also the most loved and liked.

Has some degree of foresight and warned the Creator of Lucifer's coming rebellion.

Has never forgiven Lucifer.

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