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Greek-American Arts & Antiquities dealer and self-made Billionaire.


Qualified commercial pilot and airplane enthusiast.


Was somehow able to simultaneously be in a ten-year coma and murdered in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.


Suspected Illuminati field agent and intelligence operative of some twenty-five years standing.


Hobbies include painting and forged metal art. Has a full-sized suit of rather strange armour in his apartments. This armour has a strong dragon-based motif, the helmet is in the shape of a snarling dragon-head. 

Has recently been spotted in the Greater Atlanta area.

Kaleb Aristedes

Kaleb Aristedes is a Greek-American businessman who deals in Art & Antiquities. He resides in the Aristedes Tower in Lower Manhattan, New York. 


Ten years ago, Kaleb Aristedes did something very strange; he died in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic in the company of the surprise Mayoral winner Skander Draco. Stranger still, two days later, he woke up in a hospital in Maryland, having been in a Grade III coma for ten years. Not only was he deeply confused to be able to attend his own funeral (not to mention the legal chaos involved later on) but he was deeply disturbed to discover that he had been living his life for the last ten years. At least, someone who, for all intents and purposes, was Kaleb Aristedes had been. Aristedes has no twin brothers or much family to speak of and so police and FBI investigations found nothing. Mutters where murmured, heads were shaken and life returned to normal. so to speak. 

Money really does tend to make things like this easier. 


Kaleb even requested investigative aid from a certain organisation he is associated with, unofficially of course, and even their vast resources turned up more questions than answers. He was taken off active operations until his mind was straightened out and is now simply a pilot for that organisation. He ferries their guests and dignitaries to an island which is visible to no satellite and can be seen on no map from airports where no questions are asked when the money is right. 

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