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The Rise of the Trope

(Or the Rise of the Mary-Sue, neglected saviour of all things who has only superficial flaws which we'll ignore after a few chapters)

I'm not coming out right here as a kind of elitist, trope-crushing and critical fellow at this precise moment in time. Later maybe.

The 'Perfect' Hero.

Who doesn't want some sort of societal propaganda which we are good citizens should aspire to and be much more widely accepted than we are, right? Especially if we are part of that demographic that is considered 'undesirable' or less desirable perhaps. You know, the nerdy, arty club all have some degree of membership to, at least what many call 'experimental membership' for - ahahaha - "research purposes", right? Deep down we want to be the hero of the screen and page who is;

1) Virtuous

2) Exceptionally gifted

3) Has a great body

4) Is gifted with fine good looks

5) Is lauded and popular

6) Gets the girl/boy/being of their choice in the end

Who doesn't want that, deep down I mean? So, we watch or read about such unattainable characters as a form of escape, living our dreams by proxy because we know, even deeper down, that we can never even get close to that hero type. Why?

Because it does not exist!!

Everyday Heroes

More of an aside that a firm and definite section, this one but bear with me.

What about the Mum or Dad who works four jobs to feed their kids? The man or woman who does incredible acts of charity in complete anonymity? They wear no fancy suit or enjoy any fanfares, theme tunes or the like. We have soldiers who leave their families to fight for what they believe in only to come home wounded and damaged only to be forgotten. We have some in Public Service or Religious Life who perform miracles. We have doctors and nurses so silently do what is right for its own sake.

Nobody remembers them....

Look, I