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Researching Such a Scale

The Chronicles of Enoch is going to be a true Epic. It will have a cast of at least fifty (if not more) and will cover a period of approximately eight thousand years. That, in itself, is quite the challenging proposition. When you add a conspiracy or several, complex plots involving the military, the police forces, several religions, experimental science, and secret government projects....well, we are not even sure if there is a Kansas to be in any more, although we are sort of familiar with Kansas as a concept...

Let me give you a list of some of the topics we have covered so far;

  1. The Hebrew Talmud

  2. Kabbalah

  3. Sumerian tablets and carvings

  4. Doggerland and other antedeluvian lands

  5. Every conspiracy theory on Atlantis and lost continents

  6. Fluid dynamics, thermal dynamics, and high pressure fluid dynamics inversions

  7. Astronomy, especially regarding the Moon and Mars

  8. Terraforming and how it could happen

  9. Micro-electronics and experimental electronic theory

  10. Every religion which has ever existed

  11. The titular Books of Enoch and other Apocrypha

  12. Jewish exorcism rites

  13. Aviation history, space flight, experimental space technology, and theoretical physics

  14. The Atlanta and Georgia State Police Force and SWAT Division

  15. Child psychology and criminal psychology

  16. ASD and Aspergers syndrome

  17. Eurasian and North American mythology

  18. Ballistics, sniper theory and practises, bullet manufacture

  19. Chemistry and materials science

  20. Esoteric lore from several sources

  21. Misha of Jewish scripture and questionable sources

  22. Almost every conspiracy theory I could find (except flat Earth because even the ancients weren't stupid)

I actually stopped because I don't want to overwhelm you. There is a lot more and I am only on the first book of a five-volume series.

On Appearing the Expert